10 10 2006

To my journal friends: If you actually read the preceding looooong travel diary entries, you deserve some sort of marvelous prize. Feel free to suggest one, and I’ll consider awarding it to you. Then I’ll probably laugh.

And now we return to our regularly scheduled program of whatever Jeanne happens to feel like writing on any given day. And the crowd goes, “Whoop-de-doo.” (Don’t sprain anything in your enthusiasm, y’all.)



8 responses

10 10 2006

I just sooooo badly want to be you when I grow up. Of course I know that I am grown up now…but I’m playing in my imagination anyway.

10 10 2006

Thank you for the honor! Of course, I should warn you. If you are me when you grow up, then you will realize that you (I) still have dreams for what you (I) want to be when you (I) grow up. Just so you know.

In other news, I highly endorse playing in the imagination. If you fancy company, I’m in.

11 10 2006

I’ve been doing a lot of playing in the imagination lately, strictly on the idea that you would endorse it. 😉 Eh, real life is overrated anyway . . .

Jen T.

11 10 2006

Everyone should make life choices strictly on the idea that I would endorse them. Just think what a great place this world would be! For me, anyway.

Let me know when the imaginary party starts. I’ll bring my snorkel and some spinach dip.

12 10 2006

Re: Snorkel and Spinach Dip.


12 10 2006

Re: Snorkel and Spinach Dip.

Oh, you! The snorkel and spinach dip are used separately.

13 10 2006

marvelous prizes

would you please make me some sort of chocolate-covered awesomeness, and send it to my mail box? i’ll love you forever and give you and your gorgeous gorgio front row concert seats when i’m famous…


p.s. whoop-de-doo

13 10 2006

Re: marvelous prizes

Oh My Chocolate-Covered Gosh! Front row seats and forever love, too? Really, really?? Name your awesomeness, and it’s on its way.

Thanks for the whoop-de-doo. 🙂


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