More Pictures!

13 10 2006

It’s Germany day on the picture blog. I added ten more shots from our time in Heidelberg, Worms, and the German wine district. Click HERE. Enjoy!

More to come . . .



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14 10 2006

Yay! More pictures! They’re all beautiful–well, except for the gargoyle one that appears half man, half hippo, and it is, um, . . . interesting. But the German wine country is certainly beautiful. Post more, please! Love, Sharon

15 10 2006

Beautiful Burping Lions and other archictectural wonders

Half man, half hippo? I thought it looked more like a lion with a sideways mohawk hairdo and wings sprouting out of his cheeks. And he’s rolling his eyes and letting out a big burp. (Those crazy stone masons of yore. Always joking around.)

More to come. I promise.

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