My Dinner with Jacob Action Figures, Act II

13 10 2006

George and Jacob are already seated at the table waiting to say the blessing when I slide into my chair. “I’m here,” I announce.

Jacob: I can see you.
Me: I can see you, too.
Jacob: I can point at you. (He demonstrates)
Me: I can point at you, too. (Likewise)
George: Are you two ready to get down to business?
Me: Never.
Jacob: Ever.
Me: Never ever.
Jacob laughs.
George sighs.
And you wish you lived here.

Come on, you know you do.



4 responses

14 10 2006

i totally do.

14 10 2006

Such dialogue. Sigh. Maybe someday I can achieve such greatness.
Your comments on my blog are cracking me up. Literally. I have this gorge in my arm now, thanks to you.
Heather G. (sorry to keep it under anonymous – don’t have a livejournal account yet)

15 10 2006

Invitation stands. ♥

15 10 2006

Oh, well, you know. I just transcribe life as it happens. Can I help it if the conversations around here happen to be the stuff of literary genius?

Sorry about the gorge. At least the weather is cooling now and you can cover it up with a nice sweatshirt. Meanwhile, I love your posts! Keep up the good whining, er, work. (And thanks for the comments, anonymous or otherwise.)

Your comments are a gift. Please know I read each one with gratitude.

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