And even more pictures!

15 10 2006

Today we return to France (oo-la-la!) with ten more shots taken in Valbonne and Nice. You can view them HERE.

(Note: If you’re visiting the picture blog for the first time, click the October 2006 archives link for more photos from our trip. Some have been crowded off the opening screen.)

Yet more to come . . .



2 responses

17 10 2006

Re: And even more pictures!

Jeanne, Your pics are fantastic! I set out in an attempt to identify my favs. But alas, there’s too many good ones. You folks have a wonderful eye. Live large, okay?

Mike D.

17 10 2006

Re: And even more pictures!

Hey, Mike! Thanks for checking them out, and big thanks for the compliments.

As for me and my house, we’ll live as large as our smallish personages can manage. 🙂

Your comments are a gift. Please know I read each one with gratitude.

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