Update on my dad

24 10 2006

Thank you, everyone who is praying for my father today. The surgery went well and more quickly than the doctors anticipated. They did four by-passes, using an artery from his chest and three veins from his legs. He was mostly zoned on drugs when we saw him in ICU, but he opened his eyes and gave us a thumbs up.

So far everything looks good for a smooth, full recovery. Please keep praying as his body adjusts to all this trauma.

Thanks again so much. We’re very grateful for God’s mercy.

Love, EZ



6 responses

24 10 2006

I’m really sorry that I didn’t see your earlier post, but very relieved to hear that the operation was a success.

I’ll keep him in my prayers, he sounds like a special person ♥

25 10 2006

so glad


That was me praying yesterday. I’m glad to hear it went well.

BTW, did I tell you that I named one of my characters your name, but with an I? Jeannie? Yep.

Love you,
Mary in France

PS Am praying for dear Grace

25 10 2006

glad for the good news

Glad to hear it went well. My dad had double-bypass about 15 years ago and he recovered well, but they’ve improved surgical techniques even since then. I’ll keep praying. 🙂
Linda (in kansas)

26 10 2006

Don’t be sorry. All the prayers–before, during, and after–work together. And besides, God knows the future, so I imagine He can apply prayers that are coming later if He wants to. 🙂

Yes, he is very special. To me and to many. We are so thankful to still have him around.

26 10 2006

Re: so glad

Thanks again, Mary.

I’ll be curious to meet Jeannie on the page. Is she sane?

Love you, too. Thanks for keeping Grace in your prayers.

26 10 2006

Re: glad for the good news

Thanks so much, Linda. Dad actually had to do this once before, 20 years ago, so he knew what was coming. He’s doing great so far–really making a rapid recovery.

So much to be thankful for.

Your comments are a gift. Please know I read each one with gratitude.

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