As seen from beneath His wing

12 11 2006

Saturday morning George said he and Jacob were going to Longview to do some shopping. When I heard the back door close, I slipped onto the piano bench, ready to play and sing my heart out. I don’t mind playing and singing when people are around, but I love the freedom I feel when it’s just me, the music, and God.

I started playing the chord progression that leads into “Continue to Love Me”–a beautifully simple, simply beautiful song Grace and Curtis sang when they visited us in August. The music wound its way around my heart, and I closed my eyes and played without self-consciousness. What difference would it make if I hit a wrong note? I wouldn’t care, and I was pretty sure God wouldn’t either. The song poured out of my fingers and rose from my heart into words.

Continue to love me with that same love,
Righteous and unchanging.
Continue to love me with that same love,
Priceless and unfailing.

The song became a prayer, and even as I prayed it, I sensed the reality of a Love that never fails, that I could never earn no matter how hard I worked or how much I gave, and yet is freely mine. Love that is constant–never changing even when I turn my back on it and run after other loves.

Your love it reaches to the sky,
Your righteousness, a mountain high,
How priceless, Your unending love.

I heard a noise and opened my eyes. Jacob was standing in the dining room doorway, his arms stretched out to the sides, his hands raised in worship.

Both high and low among men
Take cover under Your wings . . .

I smiled at him and nodded. He smiled back, turned, and left without a word.

How priceless, Your unending love.

In my heart a symphony orchestra joined the piano, swelling around me with unspeakable glory.

Priceless, unending love. I can’t express what happens to me when I glimpse Jacob in the presence of God. It’s as though years of sorrow are wiped away like fog from a window pane, and I somehow see what can’t be seen but can only be understood. An ocean of tears dried. A thousand broken pieces mended. Scars beautified. Love that reaches to the sky reaching into the deepest places of my pain. I know that I know that all is well, and all will be well.

Both high and low among men.

Hallelujah. Not only the high, but the low. That includes me.
Thank you, Lord.

How priceless,
Your unending love.



6 responses

13 11 2006


Thanks for this post. I really, really needed to read something like this today.
Suzan Robertson

13 11 2006

Beautiful, Jeanne.
Heather G.

14 11 2006

Re: lovely

You’re welcome, Suzan. I’m so glad it met a need for you. Thanks for venturing into livejournal land to visit me. Seeing your name makes me smile.

14 11 2006

Thank you, Heather.

14 11 2006


That sure IS priceless. What a blessing when we know our children love God back.

Also, I like your site and blog. 🙂


14 11 2006

Re: Priceless

Thank you, Tina. And welcome! Do come again. 🙂

Your comments are a gift. Please know I read each one with gratitude.

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