Greet Philologus

18 11 2006

I’ve read the book of Romans many times, but I don’t remember noticing that name amidst Paul’s greetings before today. Philologus. It’s pretty much the reverse of logophile (word lover), so I’m guessing it means “word of love” or something to that effect. (We do have some Greek reference books around here, but I’m too lazy to go get one.) Anyway, I like the way it sounds. Phi-lo-lo-gus. You could name your kid Philologus and call him Phil. Or Gus. People would say, “So, Phil, is your real name Phillip?” And he would say, “Nope. Philologus. Word. (Of love.)” He would be the coolest one.

What I really wanted to say, though, is that we’re going to Seattle to celebrate Thanksgiving with Grace, and Curtis, and Curtis’ family! We drive to Dallas tomorrow and fly out Monday to stay for a whole week. Luke will join us for most of that time, too. The weather in Seattle is cold and wet and dreary right now, but I don’t even care, because I get to be with my beloveds.

If I don’t post again before Thursday, I wish you a beautiful Thanksgiving. No doubt we can all think of things we aren’t thankful for, but I intend to take this opportunity to focus on the many amazing blessings in my life, and I hope you’ll be able to do the same.

And now for the $65,000 question. Do you think we should get a dog? Hey! We could name him Philologus, and whenever we came home, we could obey the Bible and greet him! Okay, so that’s dumb. But I’m serious about the question. Also, please explain why or why not.



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19 11 2006

Well of course you should get a dog. A naughty puppy named Loki after the Viking god of mischief. I really hate to think of you calling out “Philologus! Philologus! Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere Philologus” in front of the neighbours, you know?

Also, I can think of a couple of Damoffs reading this who are thankful that they were named before you paid close attention to the book of Romans. Add it to your list for Thursday, guys 😉

19 11 2006

I think you should get a dog, and i think naming him philologus is a great idea, but you should probably just call him gus.


19 11 2006

dog and thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. I have a lot to be thankful for, praise God.

I had a dog for 14 years and she was my best buddy. I love dogs. IMHO,if you are going to get one dog, then only get on if you let it live with you in the house. Because dogs are pack animals they hate to be left alone (like outside all day or in a garage/basement) If you want to get an “outside” dog, then get two so they have a buddy. That’s just my opinion on it, but the saddest thing is to see a dog all alone, starved for companionship.

I can’t say enough about dogs. They’ve taught me a lot about God. Seriously, a lot. Someday I’ll blog on it.

Have a beautiful trip!
Grace and Peace,
Suzan R.

20 11 2006

Safe travels and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

We have a dog. A really big dumb black lab that the kids just love. He is pretty funny. He’s also a lot of work and is allergic to grass and makes it hard to go away for the weekend (okay, not that we ever do, but I can dream) because you have to have nice neighbors who don’t mind dog sitting. Still, I like having animals around. They prove God has a sense of humor.

20 11 2006

Um, that was me.

Jen T.

20 11 2006

Philogus The Dog

Sounds good to me. I like calling him Gus, too.


29 11 2006

If I knew for sure I’d wind up with a dog as wonderful as Harry, I’d buy one today. How is the little guy doing these days? ♥

29 11 2006

Re: dog and thanksgiving

I agree, Suzan. If we get a dog, he/she will be part of the family. I’m glad you had a dog that became such a special friend. That’s inspiring when it happens. I look forward to reading your further thoughts when you post them.

Love, J.

29 11 2006

Yeah, we travel quite a lot. That’s something we’re taking into consideration. I agree that animals prove God’s sense of humor. Especially animals found in the Snyder species. 😉

Hope your holidays were grand, dumb dog and all.

29 11 2006

Re: Philogus The Dog

Thanks, Dee. And thanks for dropping by! It’s always a treat when an MA pal shows up in my bloggerhood. ♥

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