A real live actual interview.

12 01 2007

Alyice at The Dabbling Mum recently interviewed me, and today she posted our conversation on her site. You can discover all you ever wanted to know about my journey into the Christian publishing world (but were afraid to ask) by clicking HERE.

Lovely interview, Alyice. Thanks!



5 responses

12 01 2007

Congrats! Great interview, wonderful photo! Yer a looker! 😉

13 01 2007

Yer a natural

Hi Jeanne: I posted a comment over at the interview, but your interviewer wisely moderates comments, which means mine probably won’t get on there. It was a good comment, but I’m not appropriate for Christian audiences. I guess. Or at least that’s what I’ve been told.

13 01 2007

Thanks, Allen. You’re sweet.

13 01 2007

Re: Yer a natural

Congratulations! You made the cut, JQS. Perhaps you’re moving up in appropriateness.

I posted a reply, but it will have to go through moderation, too. She’s definitely wise to do that.

Thanks for reading and for the nice comment.

14 01 2007

Aha! Found you!

I have been here before. Just forgot how I got here. 😉

Here’s a .pdf file explaining SoulPerSuit. (Copy and paste)http://www.soulpersuit.com/blog/SoulPerSuitInvite.pdf

Although the .pdf is a more understandable view of SPS, you can peruse the entire SoulPerSuit website at http://www.soulpersuit.com/

We’d sure love to have you! Let me know. -Erin http://www.likepaperlanterns.blogspot.com

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