picture samples from the new camera

20 01 2007

I posted a few macro shots on my photo blog. The first is a close up of the flowers I mentioned in my last post. The other three are from a bush outside my bedroom window. Click on a photo for a larger view!

I love this camera! (But I still have a lot to learn.)



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21 01 2007

That’s what I love about a macro lens. The depth of field is not something you can get just by blowing up the picture and cropping. Although I did find I can use the Photoshop blur tool to blur the background and get something similar. The cheap version, anyway. 🙂

Very cool! Keeping having fun and don’t poke yourself in the eye.

Jen T.

22 01 2007


You can definitely tell the difference between the cameras. Down the road I’m hoping to get a Leica digital SLR (which comes with a non-interchangable zoom lens) and the Canon EOS 30D (because my film SLRs are the Canon EOS A2 and Rebel and I won’t have to buy all new lenses).

The photos are great.

23 01 2007

Thanks, Jen. I know what you mean! Wow. I love it. (Makes me look like a pretty good photographer, eh?)

So far no eye injuries. I guess I’m just a fast learner. 😉

23 01 2007

Re: Beautiful

Thanks, JQS. I’ve seen some of your photos, and you have a great eye for composition. Loved the one of your daughter standing in the water on the beach.

25 01 2007

Thought about you today

Zane and I were at the Field Museum in Chicago today and they have a great exhibit called Underground Adventure. We got shrunk down 100 times smaller than normal and went underground. Zane took a picture of me an earthworm. The whole time we were going through the exhibit I was thinking of you and George. Then, we went upstairs to the gem collection and in the room was a Tiffany stained glass. I took a picture, it is gorgeous. OK, so then–I find out that there’s a free museum of stained glass on Navy Pier, Zane loved the Tiffany so much he said he wants to see the museum. I think we’re going tomorrow!

~michelle pendergrass

25 01 2007

Re: Thought about you today

Fun! I bet you made a cute earthworm. 🙂

Thanks for thinking of me. ♥

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