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22 01 2007

Today I went back to the Marshall Visual Arts Center with my camera. For your viewing pleasure I posted one more shot of my lovely roses (can you tell I like them?) and six pictures of Jim Sanders’ pottery. Click HERE and be amazed. (Remember to click on the photos for a larger view.)

Isn’t his style enchanting?



4 responses

23 01 2007

re: more photos

Jeanne, you’re right. The pottery is fantastic! I especially like the lighter piece that you’ve photographed twice.

Mike D.

23 01 2007

Re: more photos

Thanks, Mike. If you’ll look closely, you’ll notice that those are two different pieces. One is tall with a lid, the other rounder with no lid. At the open house I bought five pieces in one style/color group, but none of them are exactly the same. The woman working the table told me I could come by the studio and find other pieces to complement them. I love the way he uses themes (like the vertical stripes, flowers, leaves, and undulating lines on the ones you liked) but each piece is a unique work of art.

23 01 2007

Wow, he’s really good, if i ever get married you can buy me some of his pottery for dishes okay? Thanks, you’re the best.


24 01 2007

Okay, sure. Guess you better go snag yourself a woman, Sparky.

xo, Mz

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