A splash of yellow on the grey

18 04 2007

(edit: I added links to the videos. Just click the song title. Be sure to warm up your smile first.)

Here she is, the adorable Feist:

1. 1-2-3-4 from her new album. The choreography is perfect in its delightful cheesiness. I love her for not taking herself too seriously and doing it with so much talent.

2. One Evening. Again, this choreography with its 60s-70s vibe will make you smile to your toes. Way too fun. (Check out her stockings. So great.)

3. Tout Doucement. There are various versions available. This one with the guy dancing with a broom is my favorite.

4. Mushaboom. Whimsical and playful. Love the drawn-on necklace.

5. My Moon My Man, also from new album. This one is a montage with footage from some of the other videos and some new stuff.

I’m in love with her attitude. She makes me want to bring some joy into the world’s pain. Let me know what you think.



5 responses

18 04 2007

Love it! Especially Mushaboom cuz that’s how I walk around the house. Seriously. You should see me clean!
Heather G.

20 04 2007

Awesome. I guess that makes it easy to clean the ceiling fans.

26 04 2007

If you had said, “A splash of yellow on the white” I’d have thought you were talking about snow and, you know.

Thanks for the intro to the adorable Feist! I’d never heard of her.

And speaking of adorable, I received a delightful invitation for an adorable young man just the other day. I’m searching for the perfect gift for him and his equally adorable sister, whose invitation was equally delightful, but reminded me of my woeful tardiness in response.

(And that’s a mouthful of adjectives, but all heartfelt.)

26 04 2007

salty cool air, wishin’ I was there

How’s the visit?
me, GAD (drile)

8 05 2007

I liked all your heartfelt adjectives. 🙂

Your comments are a gift. Please know I read each one with gratitude.

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