8 05 2007

A song is playing in my head and has been for the past week. It’s a song Curtis wrote and intended to use as part of his proposal to Grace. He didn’t, but he sings it in concerts. I wish I could link to a recording, because the music, his guitar, and his voice magnify the beautiful ache tenfold. But the words alone are perfectly profound in their stunning simplicity. Here they are:

It’s all been spoken;
It’s all been said,
But not — not by me.

It’s all been dreamed of;
It’s all been done,
But not — not by us.

‘Cause your eyes,
Your eyes,
Your eyes know my name.

Curtis has written many beautiful songs, but this one is simply magic. I predict you will hear it one day.


Lately I’ve realized I really like pistachios. Just thought I’d share.


Today I had a mammogram. Not my favorite thing, but I decided as part of my jubilee I should subject myself to a thorough medical exam with all the trimmings. Due to robust good health (and a general dislike for doctorly people poking and prodding my person*), I haven’t been consistent in this regard at all. I didn’t remember when my last mammogram was, but as soon as I entered the mammography wing, the tech reproached me with the news that it was in 2001. She wasn’t happy with me, and she made sure I knew it. I wanted to say, “Hey, lady, I’m here, aren’t I? Nobody dragged me in. I came of my own accord.” But I held my tongue. When one’s body parts are being smashed in a machine, it’s not advisable to tick off the person at the controls. And, believe me, if you’ve never had a mammogram, you are definitely a captive audience. She lectured, and I listened with the best remorseful face I could muster. Thankfully she could not hear the story I was writing about her in my head.

*in case there’s any confusion, “my person” refers to me, not a separate person who belongs to me. If I owned other persons, and doctorly people wanted to poke and prod them, I would have to consider that on a case-by-case basis.


Yesterday George flew to Chicago to help Luke move home. They are packing his stuff today and will drive to Texas tomorrow. Then we get to have Luke around all summer before he goes to Cote D’Ivoire for at least a year! I am very happy about this. Much happier than I was about getting a mammogram. If you are interested in poking or prodding Luke while he is around, let me know.


I’ve been thinking about ambition a lot lately. Maybe one of these days I’ll be motivated enough to share my thoughts with the class. Right now I think I’ll go eat some pistachios.



One response

11 05 2007

Mmmm, pistachios. I get these chili flavored ones from Central Market here and they are oh-so-yummy.

Congrats to Luke, by the way. I want to send him something, so I’ll drop it in the mail to your house.

Tina H

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