And . . .

31 05 2007

I woke up this morning thinking about how much I like the word and. It suggests more. That which is not yet but will be. Hope. Changing seasons and Christmas morning and Jubilee and . . .

Yesterday Jacob walked into the room and I said, “Yo, Home-slice.” He responded, “Yo, home-skillet.” This is the part where you admit you’re jealous of our hip lingo skillzz. Fo’ shizzle.

Right now Jacob is watching the movie, The Gospel of John, and he’s making me laugh. Not that the movie is funny. For a contemporary Bible movie, it’s amazingly well produced, accurate, and provocative. No, I’m laughing because Jacob keeps opening a card he got for his birthday. It’s one of those cards that plays music when you open it, and this one plays the theme song from The Three Stooges. It’s just not quite the soundtrack you’d expect for the story playing out on the screen.

Speaking of screens (lame segue, but oh well), if you haven’t yet, you should visit Grace and Curtis’ wedding website at They’ve posted stories, photos, and other fun info. Just try to ignore the sad lack of hip lingo skillzz.

And now for a glimpse at what I learned from mixed nuts: It’s really okay that we don’t always agree on everything, because that way I get all the cashews.

So, tell me. What’s in your “and”?



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1 06 2007

My “and”…

Let’s see. Got a letter from a very talented, very delightful young man yesterday. I wonder if you know him?

Watched my last class graduate a few nights ago. The valedictorian and salutorian asked me to introduce them, and I did, and it was a little frightening to speak in front of so many people, but I did it. And when the seniors gathered and held hands and sang the school song, and then hugged each other, I cried. I taught them from freshman through senior year, and it got to me to watch them go. But it was nice.

I’m retiring in August, and begin Act Three! (I figure life has four acts.)

Directed a mutual acquaintance to your website the other day. She was talking about her new camera, and I said I thought you had the same model. I asked her if she knows you, and she said, “Oh, yes!”

You’re famous!

Happy 1st day of June!

1 06 2007

Re: My “and”…

Congratulations on a brilliant career influencing the future! It says a lot that your best students wanted you to introduce them.

Exciting times. What’s on tap for Act III?

Thanks for letting me know about the fame thing. I’ll start milking that one as soon as I figure out who the other member of my public is. 😉

2 06 2007

Re: And…

Yo, Jeanne. Moe, Lar and Curly ain’t got nuttin’ on Pete, James and John. Those Dozen Fools got mad street cred in my hood. No Stooge can steal the scepta. Gotsa do wit Who ya knows. Keep it Real Dawg. Awight?

Mike D.

2 06 2007

Aw, gee.

Thank you, my dear!

Let’s see . . . spending more time with my mom and dad (he has advanced Alzheimer’s), traveling in the spring and fall (something I’ve never been able to do), and writing a children’s book in verse (something I’ve always wanted to do).

And almost as wonderful as all the above — getting to sleep past 5 am!

I can’t wait.

3 06 2007

Re: And…

Wait, wait! I know this one. Is it . . . the Magna Carta? Panama Canal? Cuban Missile Crisis?

Okay, okay. I bow to your lingo supremacy. Your skillzz are all up in my grill, yo, an’ I ain’t playin’. Peace out, Diggidy Dawg.

3 06 2007

Re: Aw, gee.

I’m sorry to hear about your dad. I hope the time with your parents is wonderful for you and them.

Keep me informed about your children’s book! What a fun project.

Ah, sleeping in. May your dreams be sweet. 🙂

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