Anti-Dentite no more

8 06 2007

In a recent post I mentioned that, as part of my jubilee, I’m treating my body to a full tune up and detailing this year–making sure the old engine is still running smoothly and none of the screws are loose. (Yeah, yeah. I know what you’re thinking. Just zip it, you.)

So, yesterday I went to the dentist. I actually thought I’d been pretty good about regular dental care, but when I sat in the chair, Kyla (the cute, young hygienist) told me my last appointment was in December of ’04. Crazy. “I guess time flies when you’re ignoring those little reminder cards,” I joked. Or something to that effect.

I really do take good care of my teeth, though. Kyla seemed genuinely impressed. Sure, she had to scrape away several year’s worth of barnacles (my description; she liked it) with her little metal pick, but I won the gold medal in flossing and even earned an honorable mention for whiteness. No cavities. No gum issues. Go, me. Actually, go Mom and Dad’s DNA. I should write them a thank-you note.

Kyla escorted me to the reception area where I wrote a check that reminded me why I don’t do this every six months. The receptionist wanted to schedule my next appointment for December, but I said, “Let’s not schedule one yet.”

“Okay,” she said, “We’ll just send you a reminder card.”

“Sounds great!” I avoided eye contact with Kyla.

I admit I do love that barnacle-free feeling when you run your tongue across freshly scraped and polished teeth. To return to my original metaphor, it’s like cleaning all the dried, splattered bugs off a car’s grill. When I smile, the sun sends little sparkle kisses winking off my shiny bright teeth.

Speaking of expensive dental visits, Luke went to the dentist recently, too. He had ten cavities! Kyla told me she wants to have a baby and name him Luke. Not because of the cavities, though.

Then I found five dollars on the sidewalk! (Not really, but Luke says when you’re telling a story and you begin to realize it’s boring, you should just throw in that you found five dollars. Okay, I’m leaving now.)



8 responses

8 06 2007

I don’t think five dollars is interesting anymore. You have to up the ante. Inflation, you know. Try twenty or maybe a hundred.
Heather G.

8 06 2007

Ah, we all visited the dentist lately. Before, they had used these little ultra sound things instead of the metal pick, but this time they were back with the pick. Wonder what was up with that? Oh, and Calvin has 4 cavities but he has to see a pediatric dentist. Sigh.

So, see, my comment is even more boring than your post. Man, I wish I’d found five dollars. Or twenty.

Jen T

11 06 2007

I found $100 dollar bill

Not really, but I thought I would start out by making my comment sound interesting, just in case.

I’ve been avoiding the dentist as well, because of that whole he-wants-to-be-paid thing. Too bad the dentist’s wife is a family friend and conveniently asks about me on occasion. Good for you with the bedazzling smile, though. No wonder the sun was so bright in my eyes when I looked toward the east the other day!

There now, the title ended up being a sort of bait and switch, huh?

20 06 2007

Dentists, finding $5 and et al

I understand the avoiding eye contact bit, I never respond to reminders. In fact this time I told the receptionist she can be really rude to me and tell me to ‘get on in there’. I found a new dentist he is wonderful ( thinks to self I blogged about this but nobody responded, wonder if it was too boring).
Don’t you think Dentists charge an obscene amount for their service. The y do over here anyway.
I must remember to throw in the bit about finding money when I blog, (often, if you know what I mean).

29 06 2007

I see your point. But five dollars is probably more interesting than a dentist story. Thanks for reading all the way to the end anyway. 🙂

29 06 2007

I don’t think your comment is more boring. I mean, I’m totally curious how an ultra sound thing can scrape barnacles off a tooth. Don’t they just take pictures?

29 06 2007

Re: I found $100 dollar bill

News flash, Tina. If you looked east in the morning, then that wasn’t the sun on my bedazzling smile. It was just the sun. Be careful with that, or you’ll have to go to an eye doctor, and they’re kind of picky about the wants-to-be-paid thing, too. Just so you know.

29 06 2007

Re: Dentists, finding $5 and et al

You made me laugh with your parentheticals, there. 50 points. 🙂

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