19 07 2007

I posted some Colorado shots on my picture blog.

Here are links to the individual posts:

July Fourth Parade and Fireworks

The First Annual All-Star Earthworm Races

Betty Ford Alpine Gardens in Vail

Out and about in Colorado

Sky lights




6 responses

19 07 2007

Dexter’s eyes rock in that pic.

20 07 2007

Aw, beautiful pictures. I love it when you post them.

Jen T.

20 07 2007

Planetary Occlusion


The bright object you captured in the pic of Grace et al is probably the occlusion of Venus and Saturn, a rare astronomic event, making that a wonderfully historic Independence Day shot. Jupiter did not rise until later, and was not in the west at sunset for the latitude you were at:

Those are beautiful pics.

Matthew McBroom

20 07 2007

So dramatic! I guess it’s hard to be a well-fed, well-loved pooch.

20 07 2007

Thanks, Jen. I love it when you look at them. 🙂

20 07 2007

Re: Planetary Occlusion

Wow! How cool is that? Thanks for the astronomy lesson, Matt. And thanks for the comment–another rare and wonderful event. 😉

Glad you like the pictures!

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