Flattery will get you a punch in the face

25 07 2007

This morning George chuckled over the comics. “Dilbert is pretty funny today.” After a pause he added, “She reminds me of you.”

I hadn’t read Dilbert yet, so I didn’t know whether his comment constituted a compliment or an insult. George had already left for the day when I checked it out. Here’s what I saw:


Ha! I love her! And every time I think about George’s comment I laugh. I’m not sure that’s a good thing, but at least he was laughing, too.



10 responses

26 07 2007

Can’t wait to hear what happens to George when you regain the element of surprise. 😉

26 07 2007


Too funny.

26 07 2007


George is one funny guy! I hope to meet him some day! (Miss you…)

26 07 2007

I’ll make sure to steer clear of you at ACFW this year!
Heather G.

27 07 2007

I thought I was the one who doesn’t listen well?

Dearer friend, gentle lamb,
Don’t you remember? I told you why Alice reminded me of you! It is her confidence in knowing what she likes and doesn’t like; her taking action, being decisive. And she’s confident in what is just and in her leadership qualities.

27 07 2007

Re: I thought I was the one who doesn’t listen well?

Yes, I remember (as you well know, unless you weren’t listening *wink*). But that’s not what made me laugh, so I didn’t mention it. Now I’m laughing again because you just said Alice is confident in what is just. Good old Alice, the paragon of justice. Leadership through punching. Oh, man.

You’re sweet, George. Thanks for holding a high opinion of my confidence, decisiveness, justice, and leadership qualities. And thanks for making me laugh, too.


27 07 2007

Actually, he just got points for making me laugh. Lucky for George he doesn’t charge high prices or wear a ridiculous comb-over!

27 07 2007


Thanks. This is what you have to look forward to after 28 years of marriage. (I love being a good example to younger wives.)

27 07 2007

Re: Hmmm…

Miss you, too!

27 07 2007

Don’t worry, Heather. Unless you start wearing an irritating hairstyle between now and then.

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