This Time

24 09 2007

Each guest at Curtis and Grace’s wedding received a souvenir booklet containing the order of service, selected scriptures and quotes, expressions of gratitude, original artwork, and a CD of music with special meaning to them, including songs by Curtis, other family members, friends, and artists whose music and lyrics have influenced their own.

One song they included is also on Jubilee’s recent release, but they used a different cut for the wedding CD. The tempo is slower, and I particularly love the way it showcases the beautiful blend of their voices.

Here’s what Curtis said about the song in the booklet: “I wrote this when Grace and I were starting to hang. I knew I was into something special, and I pledged to give it my best. How beautiful that we recorded, and now perform this pledge together.”

And now, for your listening pleasure: This Time.



8 responses

25 09 2007

from mary

Wow. I’m so impressed. I want to be Grace when I grow up! They did a beautiful job. Thanks for sharing, Jeannekins.

26 09 2007

I like this version too. Thanks for posting it.

26 09 2007

You’re welcome! Did you get a booklet and CD at the wedding?

26 09 2007

Re: from mary

Thanks, m’love. If you’re Grace when you grow up, will I be your mom?

27 09 2007

no :\\

For some reason I didn’t realize I could take it home. Silly of me.

27 09 2007


Thanks for the ability to share in your family’s happiness. I had a great time.

27 09 2007

Re: no :\\

Aw, sad. You should e-mail Grace. They had extras.

2 02 2008

And the answer is . . .

D.) $20,000

So, hey, folks. If you want to fly first class to West Africa during the hot-wet season, better get right on it. Available seats won’t last long at that bargain price.

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