The Jinx of the Jukebox

31 10 2007

Sunday evening I watched about a half hour of the World Series game, bringing my grand total of baseball-game-watching time this season to . . . about a half hour.

We aren’t big TV Sports fans around here, though we’re all fond of participating in various sports. George grew up playing baseball. He and his three brothers played on Little League teams every year. He pitched for his high school. Of all the team sports, I suppose baseball is his favorite. But he doesn’t tune in to watch the games much until the post season, and then only sporadically.

I know almost nothing about current baseball buzz and only slightly more about the game’s history. I’ve heard of some famous players and seen a few movies, but you can feed me almost any line on the subject, and I’m likely to believe you. Almost any line.

Yes, folks, it’s time for another exciting episode of George and Jeanne Pillow Talk. (No need to send the kiddies out of the room. I promise.)

After we crawled into bed Sunday night, I asked George if the Red Sox had a winning history. He told me about The Curse of the Bambino and how, after trading Babe Ruth, many decades passed before they won another World Series. He also pointed out that long-standing teams like Boston and Chicago often have more at stake with fans than newer franchises like the Rockies. So much legend rides on their shoulders.

Since he mentioned Chicago, I asked if they also carried the weight of a “curse.”

“Yeah,” he says. “The Jinx of the Jukebox.”

I bust out laughing. “George, if you want to string me along, you have to at least make your lies somewhat believable at the beginning.”

“No, it’s true! Haven’t you heard of Shoeless Joe Jackson and the seven players who threw the series?”

“Well, yeah. Sort of.” Suppressing laughter, wondering where he’s going with this. “I mean, I saw ‘Field of Dreams.’ But what does that have to do with The Jinx of the Jukebox?”

“Everything. That’s what happened. They thought the noise of the jukebox would drown out their dealings.”

Laughing harder. “That doesn’t even mean anything. You’re ridiculous.”

“Yes it does. You just don’t understand baseball.”

The Jinx of the Jukebox. Oh, man. He may not be a good liar (no complaints on that account), but I’m all over those double Js and Xs. That’s hot.

Hmmm. Maybe he’s a strategic player after all.



7 responses

1 11 2007

Tim is a Red Sox fan by birth, so we watched the entire World Series live from here. It involved a subscription to and mornings glued to the couch, but it was great.

When I was in the US Tim’s Dad sat me down with the 2004 World Series DVD box set and walked me through The Curse. And although it only took 4 hours, I truly felt like I had experienced each of the 86 years between wins!

Meanwhile, I don’t want to take ALL the credit for the Red Sox winning again this year, but I do own caps in 4 different colours…

1 11 2007

LET’S GO RED SOX ::clap clap clap clap clap::

I love my Bo-sox!

1 11 2007


The world series was on? Did I miss it?

23 11 2007

No doubt it was the caps. I admire your devotion, Elizabeth. And I love this sentence: “And although it only took 4 hours, I truly felt like I had experienced each of the 86 years between wins!” That could be taken a couple of ways. Wise of you not to clarify. 😉

23 11 2007

Congratulations, Crystal! I actually thought of you and Andy during my brief baseball-watching episode. 🙂

23 11 2007

Re: Huh?

‘Fraid so. There’s always next year, though. I promise if I stumble across it, I’ll be sure to let you know!

23 11 2007

Thanks, lol! I just know it was my cheering that brought us the win!

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