Woman vs. Wild

31 12 2007

Cozy condo with a kitchen, fireplace, TV/DVD player, electric piano, good books, and internet. If you have to be stranded, I suppose this is the way to go.

We were scheduled to catch a flight out of Denver this evening, but we can’t get to the airport. I-70 is closed due to white-out conditions, icy roads, winds up to 72 mph, and potential avalanche. Yesterday eleven members of our extended family made it over Vail Pass and through the Eisenhower Tunnel just before the roads closed. A drive that normally takes two hours took seven. Stalled semis blocked lanes. Cars were sliding backward. But they all made it safely to a hotel near the airport and were able to catch their flights today.

George, Jacob, and I had reservations with a shuttle service this morning, but they had to cancel, which meant we had to cancel our flight. The only flight tomorrow that could accommodate three people leaves at 10:40 AM (the 5:00 AM shuttle might not even make it in time, assuming the road re-opens) and would have added more than $500 per ticket to the amount we already paid. We booked a Wednesday flight instead and still had to pay a rather hefty chunk of dough.

So, here we are, making the most of our hardships. George took Jacob and me out to lunch at a nice bakery/bistro. He and Jacob just left a few minutes ago to see National Treasure. I think I’m going to play piano for a while, then maybe read. When they return I’ll have a nice dinner of homemade broccoli-cheese soup, fresh bread from the bakery, and fruit prepared. I guess we might as well finish up some of the wine left behind, too.

It’s rough being stranded in the wilds of Colorado. You pity me. I know you do.

Happy New Year, everyone. Be safe and stay warm. ♥



4 responses

1 01 2008

Yeah, sounds like real torture. 🙂

We’re supposed to get snowed in tonight and tomorrow and I can’t say I mind it. I’m perfectly content to be home with nowhere to go. Though I’m sure I’ll experience a little twinge when I see my old home state while watching the Rose Parade.

Jen T.

1 01 2008

Aren’t God’s unexpected gifts fun?
Heather G.

4 01 2008

If I were you…

I’d have stayed forever. Sounds like my kind of place! Being holed up in a snowstorm gives me warm, fuzzy memories filled with cocoa and rosy cheeks and socks drying by the fireplace!

Sounds like you all made the best of it! It was worth it all, I’m sure…

5 01 2008

Thou shalt not make others jealous.

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