Playing catch up

5 01 2008

Mid-December I posted a brief message promising several stories. (Yeah, yeah. I know you forgot all about it, but let’s pretend you’ve been waiting in eager anticipation, okay?) Thank you for your patience.

Oh, and I hope you like “stories” that are actually pictures with captions.

Stocking Stuff-a-Rama and Style Show

Christmas Platter (with a link to a story about the bowl I made for Empty Bowls)

I already posted a link to my story about The Blue Frog, and I’ll tell you about Croatia soon, thus fulfilling my promise. Meanwhile, here’s a bonus track:

Fire and Ice

Also coming soon: Christmas “stories”! (Ability to read not required.)



3 responses

6 01 2008

Very cool! I loved the stocking modeling. What a great idea!

And stories that don’t require a lot of reading are great for first thing in the morning before the coffee has really kicked in.

Beautiful pictures as always, Jeanne.

Jen T.

7 01 2008

Thanks, Jen! 🙂

7 01 2008

didn’t someone somewhere say something about 1000 words?
Heather Anne-with-an-e

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