Priority adjustment

1 02 2008

You know how, when you go in the post office, and the clerk places your package on the scale, and then she asks you if you want to send it priority mail, and you say, “How much more will that cost?” and she presses some numbers on the scale base and answers, “It’s $2.70 for parcel post or $3.25 for priority,” and you say, “Okay, go ahead and send it priority,” because, hey, it’s only 55 cents, and your package is worth the extra TLC? Sure you do. (You also know that first sentence should have been broken up into at least four.)

Yeah, so, George is planning a trip to Ivory Coast for the month of June. He wants to spend time with Luke, of course, and he’s also agreed to work with mission staff and locals on developing better methods of soil use for crop production. This week he was scouting plane fares online, with the majority falling between $1500-$2500 round trip, depending on the airline and dates he chose to fly.

If you’ve ever flown “coach” overseas, you know those seats start feeling like torture devices long before you reach your destination. There aren’t many options for adjusting one’s position. And George battles claustrophobia anyway. So, just to see how much the difference would be, he looked at some first class rates.

Quiz time.

The cost of a first class ticket from Dallas, TX, to Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire was:

A.) $5,000
B.) $10,000
C.) $15,000
D.) $20,000

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

I’ll reveal the answer in the comments. Oh. And we decided to ship George parcel post.



5 responses

2 02 2008

Re: And the answer is . . .

um, yeah. wow. my guess was B. Crazy.

The DeMuths won’t be flying first class to Ghana either.

2 02 2008


I was going to say B also. I think th parcel post idea sounds pretty good.

2 02 2008

Give him a juice box and a sandwich and he should make it just fine in parcel post!

That’s just crazy!

2 02 2008

Well after being shipped parcel post, or heck, even priority mail, coach is going to feel quite roomy.

Jen T.

4 02 2008

What if he offers to ride as a stand-by pilot? You know, just in case. Does he get a discount?
Heather G.

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