Musical Hats

18 02 2008

I like the fact that my routine rarely remains the same for long. The hat I wear on any given day is often determined by the most pressing deadline at the moment, and lately I’ve been swapping them out so fast, you’d think I was auditioning for a juggling act.

Here are few recent headpiece highlights.

The Choreographer Hat: January 28 I began rehearsals for a Broadway musical revue I choreographed for the Marshall High School choirs. I had exactly ten days to work with more than a hundred performers, teaching the steps for seven dance numbers (a few of which were actually medleys, making the song total more like eleven or twelve). Did I ever mention I LOVE this part of my life? Well, I do. But this year we had to contend with the flu-bronchitis-ickyness that, from what I hear, has stricken the entire nation. The first day of rehearsals, my alarm woke me at 6:45 AM, I sat up in bed, and immediately began to cough. A deep, painful chest cough. By noon, I felt a little light headed and dizzy, and I knew I was running a fever. Not ideal health conditions for dancing and instructing four hours a day, but I couldn’t afford the luxury of taking any days off.

I have to say the students were amazing. Many of them were also sick, but they worked hard to perfect their steps. They listened well and showed me the utmost respect and consideration, making my job so much easier to accomplish. Then they threw themselves heart and soul into performing three shows in one weekend for delighted audiences. It was fantastic. I posted some pictures here.

The Alter-Ego as Event Speaker Hat: I plan to tell this story in detail at The Master’s Artist on Thursday, so I’ll come back then and post a link. For now, I’ll just say that Marge, who’s been a part of my life for several decades now, was asked a couple of months ago to present some awards at a Valentine’s banquet. She had every intention of doing the honors, but as the evening approached, it became clear to everyone (in my head) that Marge was not the woman for the job. I didn’t even know she had a cousin before now! The party (in my head) just keeps getting more interesting, folks. And more crowded. [edit: Here’s the link.]

The Writer Hat: I think most readers of this blog know I’ve written a book about Jacob’s near-drowning accident and the ripples it set in motion in our family, community and beyond. Well, gang, that book is finally going to be published! I told the whole story in three installments at The Master’s Artist, if you’re interested.
Part I: What’s a Nice Girl Like Me Doing in a Place Like This?
Part II: Haven’t We Met Somewhere Before?
Part III: Your Place or Mine?
I’ll keep you informed as things progress.

The Worship Leader/Photographer/Dancer Hat: Croatia! I’ve been promising to post this information since before Christmas, and here it (finally) is.

Women of the Harvest (WOTH) is a Colorado-based organization that hosts retreats all over the world for missionary women, giving them an opportunity to get away for a few days to worship and relax with other women who share their particular battles and challenges. Last summer I learned that our denomination was taking applications and would select fifteen women to serve as volunteer staff for two back-to-back WOTH retreats in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Among other skills requested, they wanted worship leaders. I thought to myself, “I’m a worship leader. I could do this.” I didn’t take action right away, but the thought kept popping back into my head (in spite of the party going on in there), so I’d pray and tell God I was willing to go if He wanted me to. I still didn’t take action, until one day at church I bumped into our choir director in the hall, remembered the retreats, and asked if she knew the deadline for application. She didn’t, but that afternoon she e-mailed the national director of EPC Women in Ministry, who responded that the deadline had just passed and they’d received a lot more applications than expected, but if I wanted to apply, I still could, if I did so immediately. So I filled it out and sent it in.

I didn’t hear anything for a couple of months, and mostly forgot about it. Then one day I received a phone call from the national director. They definitely wanted me. Could I let her know by the next day?

Yikes! I talked to George and we both felt I should do it, so here I am. I leave on February 27, flying out of Dallas, and I return on March 13. My official “jobs” are: help lead worship and take pictures. (They asked me to be an official photographer after looking at my picture blog! Isn’t that flattering?) I may also teach some line dances as a free time activity.

I’ll be rooming with the primary worship leader, a hilarious 27 year old I’ve gotten to know through e-mail. So, let’s see. Hanging out with fun, interesting women. Enjoying fellowship and worship with 150 missionaries. Taking pictures. Dancing. Oh, and don’t forget all this happens at a resort on the Adriatic Sea. Where exactly does the work part come in?

I have a few book issues to address before I leave, but they shouldn’t take too long. Looks like my next big deadline is to be packed and sitting in the DFW international terminal by mid-afternoon on February 27, voice tuned, camera in tow, dancing shoes standing by. Should be a grand adventure!

That is, unless the airline has restrictions on hats.



4 responses

19 02 2008

Do the hats provide their own music?

19 02 2008

Definitely. Which is why I sometimes bust random dance moves for no apparent reason.

I hope the airline doesn’t have restrictions on random dance moves.

20 02 2008

Hi Jeanne, All this is fabulous! I had been wondering about Croatia, and now I know. Poor you–having to “work” like that and under those conditions!

And I also caught up on your last several Master’s Artists posts–all those are fabulous too! I am excited to hear about Jacob’s book–I know God will use it!

Much love, Sharon (Mike’s favorite sister-in-law EAST of the Mississippi)

21 02 2008

Thanks, Sharon. Your enthusiasm is as refreshing as ever! 🙂

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