My love is like a red, red, rose by any other name

30 04 2008

Life has been busy and good, with happy moments gracing ordinary days, like fragrant rose petals scattered on a familiar path. A few highlights:

Several days ago I logged on to gmail and saw a green dot beside Luke’s name. I was a little surprised to find him online, because he’s currently traveling across West Africa by car with three other people. They started in Casablanca, Morocco, drove along the Atlantic coastline, through the Sahara Desert, and then cut inland to head back to Ivory Coast. As it turned out, in Mauritania they stayed at a guest house with high-speed internet, so he caught up with a lot of business. And chatted with his mom. For a couple of hours. That was a whole bouquet of roses.

Last Friday evening I participated in the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life as part of the Marshall MOPS team. It was a time for remembering those who lost the battle, celebrating those who have survived, and raising money to keep the fight alive. Good conversation, dancing in the rain with uninhibited children, listening to bagpipes play Amazing Grace on a football field lit only by luminaries. Lots of lovely rose petals.

Last week I approved a cover for Parting the Waters. I love it. The book should release in September.

Speaking of Parting the Waters, yesterday I had lunch with Pam, her daughter Natalie (both important “characters” in the story), and Natalie’s adorable nine-month-old son, Lawson Jacob. I took lots of pictures.

And speaking of pictures, tomorrow I’ll be photographing soap for a friend. (Yes, soap. Her mom makes beautiful, scented, artisan soaps.) The little girl across the street is going to come over and be my model–washing her hands, etc. We’ll have wardrobe changes, hair touch ups, the whole routine. Should be tons o’ sudsy fun.

Also speaking of pictures (and roses), I’m currently posting some (pictures of roses, that is) on my photo blog. Thanks to George’s hard work, these happy moments grace our yard. No wonder life smells so sweet.



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