Good, clean fun

2 05 2008

Yesterday morning I converted our guest bath into a photo studio, and Luke’s room became a model’s dressing room. Photographing soap is serious business, y’all.

A little before 9:00 I ventured into the yard with a basket and scissors (confession: in my mind I pretended I was Anne of Green Gables) to gather roses, daisies, coreopsis, wax leaf ligustrum, and rosemary. Then I spent the next hour posing flowers and soap and shooting them from various angles.

My neighbor, Kimberly, and her daughter, Amanda, showed up at 10:00 with a colorful assortment of shirts and hair ribbons. Amanda was a fabulous model–much more cooperative than the soap (which wanted to slip out of position) and the flowers (which kept dropping petals or tangling their leaves). We had lots of fun, and I’m very pleased with the results. You can view a sampling here.



2 responses

2 05 2008

Anne would be proud.
Out of curiosity, since Anne’s always pretending to be someone, who were you pretending to be Anne pretending to be?
Heather G.

6 05 2008

Good question. I was pretending to be Anne pretending to be a middle-aged photographer picking flowers in her yard pretending to be an imaginative orphan on Prince Edward Island pretending to be . . .

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