French Grapefruit. Yummy.

27 09 2008

Tired of being bombarded with hysterical political hoohah and dire predictions of impending doom? Well, today is your lucky day. When I find something that makes me smile, then lingers in my memory making me smile over and over again, I have to share the joy.

Meet Pomplamoose. The word is French for “grapefruit.” The band is amazing, innovative, talented, and just plain fun. When Luke posted My Favorite Things on his blog, I was so enchanted I clicked over to YouTube and watched everything I found. After you watch My Favorite Things, check out these other must sees: Hail Mary, Pas Encore, Centrifuge, Be Still. Then you can start perusing the individual offerings of band members Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn. Especially her rendition of Row, Row, Row. The very end made me laugh with pure delight. I’m smiling now as I type this.

I even love their video blogs when they only talk. Their personalities are so refreshing and upbeat. They remind me that people are still lovable and art is still alive. Do yourself a favor. Close the news feeds for a while and feast on some French grapefruit. I promise you’ll feel much better.



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