An update: featuring news and some stylish asterisks.

14 11 2008

To whom it may concern, here’s a brief update on my life.

**Parting the Waters released this week! That’s only been coming for, oh, about six years.
**The book is now available at,, and (Personally signed copies available at the last one!)
**21 cases (1000 books) are piled in Luke’s room. I’m pretty sure you want one (or 50).
**We’re hosting a community-wide, come-and-go book release party at the Marshall Visual Arts Center from 4:30 to 7:00 PM on Thursday, December 4. One free book per family in attendance. You’re invited!
**On Tuesday, KSLA News 12 interviewed me, George, Jacob and some other people for a feature story to air before Thanksgiving. (They want to help advertise the book and the release party. Isn’t that cool?)
**Meanwhile, I’m spending my mornings at the high school teaching the choirs choreography for their Christmas show. Always love that. What awesome kids!
**I still post every other Thursday at The Master’s Artist.

And, in keeping with the social networking times, I’m on Facebook and Twitter, too. If you’re over there and I haven’t found you yet, look me up!



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