Listening to Pictures

30 07 2009

The best stories paint images in our minds that keep coming back to haunt, delight, amuse, or enlighten. A painting has the power to do the same thing, only in reverse. Whatever the medium, art gives us glimpses into the soul of the artist, often leaving us with the feeling that our own souls have been exposed.

But what if your life story were the subject of a painting? I know what that feels like. If you want to read the story and see the painting, click here.

Also, while we’re on the subject of pictures with stories to tell, I posted a fun shot from the recent Art Festival in Marshall. (Yes, I know I’ve neglected my photo blog almost as woefully as I’ve neglected this one. At least no one can accuse me of showing favoritism.) I don’t know this child, but my camera fell in love at first sight. I imagine you will, too.



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