Welcome to My New Home

17 10 2009

Way back in May, 2003, I started a blog. Actually, Luke set it up for me. Beyond basic e-mail, the Internet was mostly a mystery to me, but I’d been posting comments on Luke’s LiveJournal for a few weeks, and several of his regular readers encouraged me to start one of my own. With much trepidation I decided to go for it. Like many people who blogged back then, I used a pseudonym and kept my identity and location a secret. I’d signed all my comments “L’s M” (for Luke’s Mom), so I morphed it into Ellezymn, and that became my blog handle.

From the start The View From Here was exactly what the title promised. I wrote about whatever happened to capture my fancy–a funny story from my day, a sweet or poignant memory, poetry, thoughts on faith, family, friendship. My first post contained only five words: “Okay. Um. Here we go.” Pathetic, I know, but I’d taken up residence in a bloggerhood where Luke had already established relationships with a core group of readers, and they all welcomed me with open arms and generous comments. I flourished into verbosity in no time. (And the crowd says, “Oh, big surprise THERE.)

I’d switched from teaching to writing for publication not long before I started my blog. Though the writing and blogging endeavors were initially unrelated, collision was inevitable. A year later, in May, 2004, I was asked to be one of the original members of the group blog, The Master’s Artist, and a year after that I signed on to write for another group author blog, Girls, God, and the Good Life. Since I wrote for those blogs under my real name, it was pointless to continue guarding my identity on LJ. I still used Ellezymn, but I added a link to my website.

Meanwhile, new blog hosts were springing up everywhere. I ventured outside my own cozy little ‘hood and discovered many fascinating communities–writers, artists, people who made me laugh, and people who made me think. I still had my little blue LJ house (it still looks exactly the way it did the day Luke launched it!), but I spent less and less time in LiveJournalLand.

A lot has changed in six and a half years. For a while now I’ve considered moving to a new bloggerhood, but I couldn’t bear the thought of losing all that history. I’ve preserved lots of precious memories through blog posts. When Peter Pollock assured me I could import all my posts and comments to WordPress, I finally decided to pack my boxes and leave my little blue outdated house behind. (Major props to Peter who even stepped in and helped when the encoding on my ancient posts caused an impost snag. You rock!)

So, here I am. I hope this means I’ll actually blog with more regularity. In the process of organizing and decorating this new house, I’ve skimmed a lot of past posts and comments. Such good times! Lots of laughs, and not a few tears. I hope my old neighbors will still drop by for a visit and there will be new ones to meet as well. I may be in boxes for a while–arranging things, assigning categories to old posts, etc.–but I already feel like I can spread out here. And the door’s always open.

Welcome to my new home. Don’t be a stranger, okay?



12 responses

18 10 2009

Welcome to WordPress! I use a WP template for my website and find it really easy. Hope your blog is just as simple to use. 🙂

Have fun!

18 10 2009

Thanks, Rebecca! So far I like it a lot. 🙂

18 10 2009
Melissa from the Blue House

I love reading your blog!! I feel like I should know you… I remember your hubby from my college days at ETBU, but sadly can’t remember if he was my teacher (?) ~ its been a while 🙂 … but I stumbled across your blog through a complete stranger’s.

18 10 2009

I love those sorts of stumbles. 🙂 Thanks for your kind words about the blog. Did you take biology? If so, good chance you had him. There were only three profs in the department.

18 10 2009
Billy Coffey

Beautiful site, Jeanne! And I can also vouch for Peter’s techno-wizardry. Love it here.

18 10 2009

Thanks, Billy. Your new site was a big reason I went for it. Peter had already praised WordPress on Twitter (they should pay him for advertising!) but your site sealed my decision.

18 10 2009

Dear Ellezymn,

So nice to see you. Amazing how things change, isn’t it?


18 10 2009

Yes, ilitherian. It is. Love you! xo

18 10 2009
Rachel Anne

Wow! Love your new place! Looks like you’ve already made it “home.” I wish I’d made the jump to wordpress long ago but I am waaaay too overwhelmed to do it now. I look forward to coming over to your new home and catching up with you here.

18 10 2009

Thanks, Rachel! WordPress has a nifty import tool to move all your posts if you ever decide to do it. It does take awhile to get settled, though. I’m still tweaking, and I’m sure I will be for a while.

I do hope you’ll come back. (Hopefully I’ll get my rear in gear and write to make you want to!)

Love, Jeanne

18 10 2009
Elaina Avalos

Yay for a new blog home!!

20 10 2009
Susan Meissner

I love your new digs! You have been bookmarked. . .

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