Olio, Part II

21 10 2009

Sticking with the blog-story stew metaphor, I guess you could call yesterday’s post the first ingredient: a tasty tidbit about Luke and Sarah, including engagement photos Grace took at Greenlake. The next ingredient in our hodgepodge of goodies worth sharing is also connected to Grace. Quite literally. By an umbilical cord.

Yes, folks, today’s post is about our very first, ohmygoodnessgracioussakesalive GRANDBABY! (We are excited.)

I broke this wonderful news on The Master’s Artist last week in a post that focused mostly on God’s exceedingly abundant mercies in regard to the remission of Grace’s rheumatoid arthritis. It’s a beautiful story you can read here if you’re interested. Our focus today will be on matters of a more philosophical nature, namely: What will this baby LOOK LIKE?

It’s always fascinating to look at a child next to his parents and compare various features. I particularly love it when hyper-observant relatives chime in with comments like, “Well, he may have his daddy’s chin, but he’s got Aunt Mabel’s big toe.” Sure he does. Whatever makes Aunt Mabel happy. (Especially if she likes to babysit for free.) Meanwhile we have more important matters to discuss. Like, whose big toe will MY grandbaby have?

Chances are I won’t be able to remain objective, so I’m asking you to help me predict the baby’s appearance by examining the following photographs. I’ll make it easier for you by sticking with prominent features (no big toes) and leaving everyone except the parents out of the equation. Let’s begin with hair:



In this photo, Grace and Curtis conveniently held their heads close together to give us a good look. Based on what you see here, anyone willing to predict what the baby’s hair will look like? (Sorry this is so hard.)

Moving on to eyes:



Ignore my blue eyes and just look at Curtis’ blue eyes and Grace’s blue eyes. Take your time. (Insert Jeopardy music here) Anyone want to venture a guess on eye color? Anyone? Bueller?

Let’s try noses:



Gah! So many possibilities. I just really can’t imagine what this baby will look like, can you? And then there are talents to consider. Curtis is a musician, enjoys art, speaks fluent Spanish. Grace, on the other hand, sings and plays piano, likes to paint, and . . . um . . . speaks fluent Spanish.

Wow. I guess there’s no way to predict and we’ll just have to wait and see. One thing we do know for sure. Unlike Grace and Curtis, who are mere professional musicians and wouldn’t know much about this sort of thing, little junior(ette) loves to perform. When they went to the midwife for their 13 week check up, she used a doppler device to listen for the heartbeat, and Curtis called us on the cellphone to let us hear. At first they weren’t getting a very good signal but when he held up the phone, all of a sudden it was heartbeat boom box time. Yes! What a teensy cutie you are! The midwife even said you were showing off. I see a karaoke machine in your future. And lots of other presents, too.

Even if you don’t have my big toe.



Your comments are a gift. Please know I read each one with gratitude.

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