Pre-pillow Talk and What Was, Is, and Is to Come

30 10 2009

Last night, while George took a shower and I washed my face, we had one of those conversations that has no doubt commonly occurred between long-married couples in every culture throughout the generations. After a brief exchange about Nostradamus, he (naturally) asked, “Do you know when the Roman Empire collapsed?”

Me: “Um . . . right after a big fat elephant sat on it?” (I cracked myself up of course.)

Him: “Ha ha. Is that the way you answered your teachers in school?”

Me: “No, that’s the way I answer you.”

Him: “Remember, I’m your lord and master.”

Me: “Good luck with that.”

Him: “Did you say, ‘I’m up with that’?” (Running water and whatnot.)

Me: “No. And I believe the phrase is, ‘I’m DOWN with that.'”

Him: “Maybe for you, but I’m a more positive person.”

Me: “Right. I’d say you’re living up to your scientific name.”

Him: “And you’re living up to yours.”

Me: “Oh, you mean ‘Beauticus Intelligenticus’?”

Him: “That’s close. Actually I was thinking ‘Jeannicus Beauticus.'”

Awww. And who says all the romance goes out of marriage after thirty years?

Well, folks, it has been, is, and will be crazy fun busy times for Jeannicus Beauticus. Sunday I leave for Seattle and The Great Northwest Speak-a-thon! Seven events in nine days. I’m really excited about all of them (BIG thanks to Marilyn Stremler who took the initiative to line up most of these engagements), but it has been and continues to be an interesting challenge to plan and prepare for each one. On November 2, I speak to the Northwest Christian Writers Association on the topic, “Language as Soundtrack.” The other events are all related to Parting the Waters, but each will have its own flavor based on the audience. Two days after I return to Texas I’m speaking and leading worship at a women’s retreat. I’m also very excited about that, but before I leave town I’m trying to have all my beans in a pod for those sessions, too. (“Beans in a pod” is my non-cliche version of ducks in a row–right off the top of my head, too. Impressive, no? Okay. No. Whatever. I’m over it.)

I really am excited about these opportunities to connect with people around the beauty of language and the grace and goodness of God. Yesterday I thoroughly enjoyed speaking to a creative writing class at LeTourneau University, and you’ll be impressed when I tell you that almost half the class bought copies of my book. (Three, to be exact. There were seven of them. And I sold the book for $5, because they’re poor college students. But statistics are statistics. Don’t spit on my shoe. [Non-cliche for ‘Don’t rain on my parade.’])

Anyway, I wanted to tell all my adoring fans and jealous adversaries that I may be lax in blogging for the next couple of weeks. (I just cracked myself up again. “Lax in Blogging” should be my middle name. Jeannicus “Lax in Blogging” Beauticus.) I’ll try to stop by and toss flavorful tidbits your way, but in the mean time I’m sure you can find something else to amuse you amongst the eleventy-jillion other blogs at your fingertips. And I’ll try to convince myself I’m being missed.

Today: more planning and note tweaking, and I also need to clean house. (My in-laws are coming in town tomorrow, because, you know, I get bored when I have free time between breaths.) Please pray for safe travels, good health, and God’s anointing on me and those who hear. They are praying He will speak to them, and He desires to do that very thing. My prayer is that I won’t get in the way.

(By the way, when did the Roman Empire collapse? I may need to know this for the test.)



7 responses

30 10 2009
Lynn Mosher

Jeanne, I loved this! Thanks for the giggle! May the Lord protect you as you travel and bless your speaking engagement. Blessings…Lynn

30 10 2009

Thanks, Lynn! Lovely to see you here. 🙂

30 10 2009

Glad you have those types of conversations with your spouse too. 🙂 Have a wonderful trip and be blessed in all you do! If you decide you want to pop up from Seattle into Juneau, we can do lunch.

I looked up the fall of Rome and most put it around AD 476. There you go!

30 10 2009

Juneau, as in, Alaska? Wow. We are planning a jaunt to Vancouver, but not gonna make it quite that far north. Eat some whale blubber for me, though!

AD 476. Got it! Thx.

30 10 2009
Cortney O'Kelley

You have such a way with words! So talented in so many areas! Thanks for all the smiles you bring to the world!

30 10 2009

You totally crack me up!!!!! Blessings on your trip as He floods you with HIs thoughts, emotions and directions. Love ya!

5 11 2009
deb@talk at the tabl

These posts are just what I needed today… you’re the best.
I’m still waiting for your book to arrive…

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