Day One in the Great Northwest

3 11 2009

Last night I officially launched The Great Northwest Speakathon when I spoke to the Northwest Christian Writers Association on the topic of “Language as Soundtrack.” What a great group of fun, lovely writers! If I lived in the area I would definitely be a part of that action. Thanks again to Athena Dean for inviting me to speak and to all of you for listening, participating, and even laughing at my jokes.

Right about now the astute reader wonders, “Yes, Jeanne, you spoke to the NCWA last night, but what did you do with yourself all day?” Thanks for asking, astute reader! Here are some photos to answer your question:


Since I’m staying with Grace and Curtis in their adorable home, Gypsy Cottage, one of the first items on the day’s agenda was to meet “the girls.” Say hello to Eleanor, Maude, Silvia, and Louise. Quite the bevy of beauties!

DSC_0096Here’s Grace giving the girls a treat. And speaking of Grace, here she is introducing my GRANDBABY to the world:

DSC_0024Isn’t he/she cute! And smart, too. I don’t want to brag or anything, but my grandchild already has all the essential body parts, PLUS eyelashes, fingernails, and toenails. I should buy him/her a present to celebrate these accomplishments!

I believe it was Confucius who said, “One mustn’t waste a sunny November day in Seattle.” So, after fun times with the chickens and a prenatal photo shoot, we took off for an adventure. First we went to Pike Place Market:

DSC_0037Music . . .

DSC_0048And more music.

DSC_0043Colorful local produce . . .

DSC_0067And more colorful local produce.

DSC_0039Shops . . .

DSC_0036And . . . Well, you get the idea. After perusing Pike Place, we decided to take a stroll around Green Lake:

DSC_0075We admired the flora . . .

DSC_0072And fauna. And lots of other people, including a pack of mommies and daddies who were part of a twins club, each pushing a double stroller with look-alike baby bundles cozied inside. It was a comfort to Grace that the parents all looked happy, healthy, and sane. If they can do two, surely she can do one.

Day two, and it’s another sunny, gorgeous morning. I don’t speak again until tomorrow evening, so today is up for grabs. Not sure what all we’ll do, but this afternoon I get to listen in on Jubilee band practice. Happy ears. Happy camera. Pictures forthcoming!



5 responses

3 11 2009

Beautiful pictures. And YAY! Chickens!

3 11 2009
Debbie Heflin

Love sharing in your travels! Grace & the baby look so cute!

3 11 2009
Angie Anders

Loved all the pictures! Grace looks adorable with her baby bump. Chickens!? How cool is that? I’m wondering if “gypsy cottage” isn’t an oxymoron though. Will have to think about that. LOL

4 11 2009
Kimberlee Conway Ireton

Hi Jeanne,

I met you at the aforementioned NCWA meeting last night. I was the woman in the pink coat whose book you signed afterward. I just wanted to say again how much I enjoyed your talk!

I hope your time in Seattle is both fun (if today’s post is any indication, it looks like it will be) and fruitful (may you sell lots and lots of books!).


9 11 2009
Linda Gilmore

I thought I was a totally besotted grandmother-to-be when my daughter was pregnant, but you know, Jeanne, you may even outdo me before it’s all over. 🙂 Love the pics, including the future grandchild. And as sweet as the anticipation is, it’s nothing compared to the day you hold that precious bundle in your arms.

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