Meet Marge

16 11 2009

Less than two days after crossing the Great Northwest Speakathon finish line, I found myself at Lakeview Baptist Encampment, preparing to lead worship and keynote Crossroads Baptist Women’s Retreat. Let me just say right up front that any speaker who is asked to address this group of women should consider herself blessed beyond measure, because she will be saturated, covered, and upheld by months and months of earnest prayer. The peace and presence of God hallowed an ordinary conference center, so much so that I wanted to kick off my shoes.

Of course, holy ground notwithstanding, I still had to gather my thoughts to make a good presentation. To give myself a little extra prep time, I let Marge take Friday evening’s session to introduce the theme: Living a Legacy. Marge and I have been collaborating for decades now. She first showed up in my life back in college and we’ve been through a lot together. Birthday party roasts, rehearsal dinner toasts, church events, welcome parties, good-bye parties (sometimes for the same people we welcomed. Wonder what that means?), and more. I trust her utterly to be utterly inane. It’s a win-win.

My sister, Sharon, joined me at the retreat to help lead worship, and she also did me the favor of using my camera to photograph Marge’s speech. The pictures don’t capture all the inspiration, but they do give a bit of the flavor. And believe me, like cayenne pepper, a little bit of Marge goes a long, long way.

Meet Marge.

DSC_0021Her beauty is only surpassed by her sense of style.

DSC_0026Can’t you just hear her dulcet, mellifluous tones? Music. Kind of like “death metal” is music, only a little more strident.

DSC_0027Marge breaks down the meaning of the word “Legacy.” As you can see, it begins with “Leg.”

DSC_0028Close up. Wouldn’t want you to miss the details on this state-of-the-art graphic.

DSC_0029Of course, there’s more than one kind of “leg.” Marge unpacks the layers of the word.

DSC_0031Second syllable: “Uh.” Yes, that’s an angry policeman. Yes, Marge connected the two. No, I’m not going to try to explain. (To quote katdish, “Sorry/You’re Welcome”)

DSC_0032Angry policeman detail. No doubt the concept of “legacy” is already gelling for you. Marge has a knack.

DSC_0034I’ve been telling her for years that she really needs to take out an insurance policy on those legs. Yowza!

DSC_0035“Intensely Inspirational” (Marge’s brand)

After her opening session, it’s no surprise that I entered into the rest of the weekend revved and ready. Thanks, Marge, for kick-starting our time together. And thanks to the ladies of Crossroads Baptist Church for a beautiful, refreshing time. Marge and I loved every minute of it, and we love you, too.





3 responses

16 11 2009

Tee hee! Reminds me of the movie My Big, Fat Greek Wedding, where every word is based on a Greek word. Or in this case, a geek word.

16 11 2009

Very nice. I would very much like to meet Marge one day, but I probably won’t be going to any women’s retreats/conferences in the near future so maybe next time you can video it. 🙂

16 11 2009

I love it!! Hope I get to meet Marge in person some day. You are a hoot!

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