brief chat with the interwebs

19 11 2009

Good morning, World Wide Interwebs. I hope you’re feeling well today. What have you been up to since we last chatted? Global domination? Fascinating. Who, me? Well, let’s see. A couple of crates of frigid whiskey inspired me to post about imagination and mystery on The Master’s Artist this morning. Fun times. (No, I didn’t drink them, silly.) In a few hours–at 11:00 AM Texas time, to be exact–I have a 30-min. live interview with Debbie Chavez on her Internet Talk Show. What’s that? Of course we’re not just using you. Yes, I care about your feelings, too. I can’t imagine life without you, dear Interwebs. Have fun today. If you happen to drop by YouTube, give my best to Flight of the Conchords and Bon Qui Qui. And while you’re at the King Burger, grab a number six and a cookies and cream shake for me. Yes, I know it’s a complicated order. Good luck with Security. Love you, too. B-bye.



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