Twelve Days of Community. Day Four: Lisa Samson

16 12 2009

Lisa Samson has been publishing novels for the Christian market for . . . a long time. I would be more specific, but my extensive research (her website and amazon) failed to produce a tidy time line. I know she started with historicals, moved on to contemporary women’s fiction (she won a Christy Award for Songbird and has been nominated for more), also wrote a young adult series (Hollywood Nobody, for which she won another Christy), and has co-authored nonfiction books with her husband, Will (Justice in the Burbs), and daughter, Ty (Love Mercy. It releases in Feb., 2010). Her book, Quaker Summer, was Women of Faith’s Novel of the Year in 2007.

Lisa is a gifted writer with a reputation for taking risks. But, when you enter one of her stories, you never get the impression she’s after a reputation. The more you know Lisa, the more you realize that the characters in her stories and the challenges they face reflect real life, real pain, and real redemption. Because Lisa isn’t just writing about life. She’s out there living it.

And now you’re invited to join her! Want to know how? Click here.

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17 12 2009
L.L. Barkat

Nice intro. I love being here for your part in our Celebration.

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