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6 01 2010

Hey there! Thanks to those who stopped by during the past few weeks looking for me. Sorry I haven’t posted anything since December 16. I had some amazing people in mind for more Twelve Days of Community posts, and I still hope to introduce them to you, because they’re awesome and talented and fun and funny. But, alas, I was busy and then I was gone and now I’m back, but still busy. We had a lovely Christmas in Colorado with extended family and we’ve plunged full guns into Twenty-Ten. (By the way, I agree with those who insist it’s definitely NOT Two Thousand and Ten, but I do wonder if we shouldn’t just call it Thirty.)

Fun and exciting things coming up. Next week I start rehearsals for a major choreography project. A 1940’s USO-type show with lots of high-energy swing dancing. So fun. Then there are bridal showers and baby showers and a wedding and a baby. My heart may explode with joy. Even so, hopefully I’ll be back soon with pictures and stories and whatnot. (You may not know that I’m locally famous for my whatnot casserole.) Tonight I just wanted to pop in and say hello and also invite you over to The Master’s Artist to read a piece I just posted there. It’s about life and seasons and resolutions (or the lack thereof), and it’s my New Years toast to you. I hope you’ll partake and enjoy. Cheers!



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8 01 2010
Carol Garborg

Glad you’re back.

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