My cup runneth over

19 01 2010

Lately I’ve had blog paralysis. The mere thought of posting overwhelms me. It’s not lack of material, but rather the opposite. I don’t know if I should go back and tell stories from the holidays (they were fun and great) or post photos (I’ve taken a lot) or talk about what’s going on now (way too much to mention in detail). Of course it’s only going to get worse. More stories piling up. More photos. So I finally decided I just needed to open the floodgates and see what comes pouring out. (I almost feel like I should pass out ponchos and those little umbrella hats they give people at Niagara Falls.)

We spent Christmas in Colorado. Here are a few of the highlights.

We baked and decorated gingerbread men. Grace did this snowman. She’s a bit, um, meticulous.

In honor of Bear Grylls, Curtis went into the “wilderness” (vegetated areas around the golf course) and collected branches to make his own snow shoes.

Here’s Curtis modeling the finished product. I call this photo “Man Vs. Patio”

We already knew Grace and Curtis were having a baby girl. On Christmas day they revealed her name: Harper Sparrow Romjue. Harper for the biblical/musical connotations plus it’s my mom’s maiden name. Sparrow because not one falls to the ground without God’s attention, they were the sacrifice of the very poor, and they are songbirds. I love the name. And I already love Harper so much.

Eighteen of us spent the holidays together, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, sledding, talking, laughing, playing games, eating, eating, and eating. We worshiped together, made lots music, and spent a delightful evening with some of our friends who were also in the area. Truly a lovely time.

After our return, I plunged into a choreography project that will be a prominent part of my life until the show stages the first weekend in February. It’s a 1940s-themed choir production with lots of swing dances. Tons o’ be-bopping fun. Meanwhile, we’re inching closer and closer to Luke and Sarah’s February 19th wedding. Last Saturday a group of my college friends threw them a wedding shower.

Luke was really excited about that blue tub. (The stuff inside was okay, too.) About half the gifts they received were for them and half for the refugees they’ll be living amongst in Dallas. Such a fun day.

Luke’s best side?

Speaking of Luke, this weekend we had a house guest. Robin Hampton is one of the missionaries who supervised Luke during the nine months he served as a mid-term missionary in Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa. Robin is a nurse and has been working there for thirty-seven years. She plans to retire there as well. She’s an amazing woman of deep faith with an open heart and an infectious laugh, and she has poured her life into the kingdom of God. Most people in the world don’t know her name, but I can’t help believing she will shine like the stars of heaven through all eternity, long after neon-lit “stars” have faded from memory. Such an honor to have her in our home.

Which brings me to the present. This morning I spoke to a women’s group in Longview about Parting the Waters, and specifically about God’s purposes in suffering. I treasure every opportunity to speak about God’s faithfulness, and I love it when various ones come up to me afterward and share what God spoke to them. This morning was no different. The ripples continue. What a mercy.

The rest of this week is choreography rehearsals, then off to Dallas for another wedding shower. Saturday morning I’ll have the super fun privilege of taking Sarah’s bridal portraits, probably at one of the historic churches in the Highland Park/Park Cities area. Exciting!

I truly do feel like my cup is running over. Wedding showers. Baby showers. A beautiful new daughter-in-law in February and granddaughter in April. Priceless gifts from a generous Father. Yes, my heart breaks for Haiti and for many people I love who are suffering in countless ways. But I don’t view suffering the way I did before my own life turned upside down in 1996. I know God is a Redeemer. We are of more value than many sparrows. When we give Him the shattered pieces of our lives, He takes what’s broken and creates unspeakable beauty.

So, what’s beautiful with you?



10 responses

19 01 2010
Glenna Workman

I like the name Sparrow. I just saw it in a magazine a few days ago and told Jason I just loved it. I’m sure that doesn’t surprise you, Jeanne, with the names of my children 😉

19 01 2010
Sherri Woodbridge

Jeanne – I absolutely loved this and was so touched. Thank you for sharing and being transparent. I was blessed beyond words in so many ways.

20 01 2010
sharon d

“Man vs. Patio.” I’m still giggling.

20 01 2010

Good to know I’m not the only person I crack up. 😉

20 01 2010

I totally get that blog paralysis thing. I go through stages when I feel like that.
Your granddaughter has a beautiful name by the way. I so love it!

26 01 2010
Brooke Comer

“When we give Him the shattered pieces of our lives, He takes what’s broken and creates unspeakable beauty.”

So true. My husband recently had brain surgery for a very large tumor. He is 31. What was supposed to be a smooth recovery was fraught with meningitis, spinal fluid leaks, and a kidney stone.
Nevertheless, the miraculous presence of our Savior has been with us through it all, and He has kept us. My husband is on the mend now, and doing well.
I do not presume to compare my situation with yours; what I can say is that in every situation, He is faithful, and He still has the power to bring joy out of sorrow and heal the broken heart. And in this ‘second creation,’ this new and mended heart, the glory of the latter is greater than that of the former.

Only He can do this. I rejoice with you that there is indeed purpose in suffering, and that He orders our steps.

27 01 2010
Michelle at Graceful

Hi Jeanne,
Just wanted to say hello and thanks for your comment on my guest post at katdish’s blog today. It’s nice to meet you…I need to spend some more time here and at your other sites — it seems like you have a lot to offer.

By the way, one of my colleague’s granddaughters is named Sparrow — I just love it!

28 01 2010
Sheila Porter

Hi Jeanne, Just wanted to introduce myself, I’m Gini’s Mom. She speaks highly of you and your son, whom I always call ‘Love, Luke’. You are a special family and I thank you for the witness you have had to the Vancouver kids.

2 02 2010

Well, you are beautiful my friend! Thanks for sharing! And that snowman cookie? Um…wow. Just wow.

10 02 2010
Patricia (Pollywog Creek)

What a year you have before, Jeanne. Abundant riches, indeed.

Thank you so much for the sweet comment left you left behind on Pollywog Creek. Your photography is stunning, as well, Jeanne.

Promise you won’t laugh when I tell you about my camera? I left an answer for you on my blog, but I wasn’t sure you would have time to look for it, so I thought I’d pop over here and repeat myself. I suppose photography is one of my thin places. It is a mystery gift to me, and I say that not out of a false humility, but in all honesty. My camera is proof. I have a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H2 and poor vision, but it is in the camera that God meets me…where He gives me a glimpse of His presence in times and places I would not otherwise see. God is so good to me.

Now I simply MUST order “Parting the Waters.”


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