At least as smart as a dog

27 03 2010

Hey, there, friends. Yes, yes, I’ve fallen into blog neglect again. I’m horrible, blah blah blah, okay I’m over it, moving on.

Sometimes I amaze myself, and not in a good way. Take, for example, my website. Years ago, when I first created it, I included a page for books and another for photos. I also linked to my oh-so-active blog (yes, this one), and then at the end I tacked on a “resources” page, where I dumped a hodge podge of juicy tidbits, including information about my speaking.

Here’s where the (un)impressive (non)amazingness comes in. Sure, it’s great that I have a page for books. I mean, after all, I’ve published . . . (hold on, I’m counting . . . okay, got it) TWO whole books. And it also makes sense to have a page for photos, since I do love to take them and folks sometimes even pay me money to enjoy myself in that fashion. It makes no sense, however, that I did NOT have a page for speaking. For one thing, I love speaking. While it’s true that God connects mightily with people through the written word, there’s nothing quite like the real-time connection when His children have asked Him to speak to them, and He desires to do just that. At times His presence is so tangible, as the speaker I feel like I could sing the ABC song and He would still reveal Himself to His beloveds. That’s beyond cool.

Then there’s the fact that I’ve had TWENTY-EIGHT professional speaking gigs since January, 2009. So, let’s see. TWO books. TWENTY-EIGHT speaking engagements. And almost without my trying. You think God may be telling me something?

I know. I know.  About now you’re thinking, “Whoop-de-doo. Any old hound dog can speak.” And you’re right. But can any old hound dog add a speaking page to its website? Hmm? Yeah. Got you on that one. So, I did it. I made a speaking page, including some very lovely endorsements, some of which I’ve had on file for more than a year. (Shut up. I already said I was slow.) It also contains some speaking and interview samples, which were formerly buried on the resources page (because I’m logical that way). Feel free to check it out and then, after being duly impressed, feel free to hire me for your event. Oh, and if you need additional incentive, I can also roll over and shake. (You’re not going to make me beg, are you? Thanks.)



4 responses

27 03 2010
Marty Duane

Sounds like you are a busy person. Whatever you do, don’t delete the books page. I like it. Looking forward to following your tweets and its always amazing to find another follower of Christ!

P.S. we all get a little behind in our blogs once in a while. Its normal 😉

27 03 2010

Thanks, Marty! And nice to meet you. Fear not. I have no intention of deleting the books page. I even hope to add more books to it in the future. 🙂

27 03 2010
Barbara H.

I don’t know about any old hound dog being able to speak….what very few times I have done it, nerves have about done me in! The Lord worked through (or in spite of) me, but each experience left me hoping there wasn’t more of the same in my future. I’ll recommend you instead. 🙂

28 03 2010

Thanks, Barbara. I’ll take the recommendation, but I also know God will provide all you need to magnify Him when you do find yourself in front of a microphone.

I think the secret for the hound dogs is that they aren’t concerned with their performance, only with pleasing their master. (And getting a treat. But that sort of diminishes the inspirational aspect of the metaphor, so we’ll ignore it.)

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