Good-bye, Lady Jane Grey

30 03 2010

Today I said good-bye to Lady Jane Grey, my faithful companion for almost six years. We shared many happy adventures together, and I’ll always remember her with unalloyed pleasure. Lady Jane makes people smile wherever she goes. She can’t help it. She’s sassy, fun, and full of spunk, and I know that, wherever she ends up, someone else will smile at the sight of her every day and enjoy her company as much as I have.

I’m not really sad, though. I knew it was time we parted ways. And now I have a new companion. She’s a bit more sophisticated than LJ. More regal and respectable. She won’t call as much attention to herself, but I’m convinced she and I will get along great, and I’m looking forward to the journey we’ll share together. The only problem is, she needs a name. Preferably a Swedish one.

Lady Jane Grey is my silver MINI Cooper, waiting for her new owner to come find her at Park Place Volvo in Dallas. Isn’t she cute?

Her replacement is a black Volvo S60. Definitely more class than sass, but quite lovely. I’m truly grateful to have her.

So . . . Anyone care to suggest a name?



4 responses

30 03 2010

Audrey. As in Hepburn.

Or maybe, Elaina. Because I’m extra klassy.

30 03 2010

I LOVE Audrey Hepburn. And she was from Belgium, which is almost Sweden (isn’t it? I’m horrible at geography.) Thanks, Elaina. That’s a definite contender!

Oh, and yes, you are extra klassy. For sure. 🙂

31 03 2010

I love Audrey Hepburn too! She was the first actress that I ever called a favorite.

6 04 2010

Hi Jeanne-
If you were a little conflicted about naming the S60 Audrey because of her Belgian heritage, the Volvo S60 my wife (the lady formerly referred to as Mrs. Sloth – She’s still my wife, but didn’t really want to be a sloth. . .) drives was assembled in Belgium. She’s very happy with her nameless car.

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