Stuff Christians Like

16 06 2010

It’s blog tour time for Jon Acuff’s hilarious book, Stuff Christians Like, not to be confused with his hilarious blog, Stuff Christians Like, though they are very similar. The biggest differences are that the book contains paper and some out-of-the-park, glow-in-the-dark illustrations that are guaranteed to make you laugh, both the first time you see them, and then again when they pop into your head at inappropriate times–namely those times when said illustrations are lived out before your very eyes by you and your beloved brethren. Because, if you’re a Christian, they will be. I promise.

I posted my official blog-tour review today at The Master’s Artist. Please stop by, share your thoughts with the class, and then buy the book. Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200. Do it now. You can thank me later.

(Note: The illustrations don’t actually glow in the dark, nor do they claim to, so please don’t complain to the publisher about that. I just liked the sound of it. And I loved the book. Both the words and the pictures. Truly.)



3 responses

17 06 2010
deb @ talk at the table

I followed that blog for awhile… incredibly hilarious. It’s been awhile so guess where I’m heading….

21 06 2010
Billy Coffey

I love Jon and his writing (not as much as you and yours, though!). His book is wonderful.

23 06 2010

Aw, thanks, Billy. That made my day. 🙂

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