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15 07 2010

Confession: I know stealing is one of the big ten, but I couldn’t help myself. I stole this picture from Jubilee’s website. Everything about it makes love darts explode out of my heart like fireworks on the Fourth of July. (And not those wimpy back yard snap-crackle-poppers, either. I mean the really, really, ridiculously good kind.)

This is our daughter, Grace, son-in-law, Curtis, and granddaughter, Harper, doing what they love (music) to undo what they hate (human trafficking). Well, two of them are anyway. Hopefully Harper was keeping her thoughts to herself when this shot was taken. But I have no doubt her newborn presence adds to the beauty of this weekly scene at the park across the street from Seattle’s Westlake Center, where Jubilee is participating in the City of Seattle’s Summer Busking program. Not only are they making heart-melting music every Tuesday from noon to 2:00 PM (weather permitting), they’re providing information about modern-day slavery. If you live in the Seattle area, go partake of good things and learn about a good cause. So very much to love.

Speaking of Jubilee and good causes, if you consider yourself a Christian and an artist of any type (musician, painter, photographer, writer, etc.), you may want to check out Arts Aftercare, a new ministry opportunity that is still in its infancy stages, but will ultimately equip artists to connect with and care for youth recovering from human trafficking. Not only is this beyond cool, it lands squarely on the heart of God, and you can be a part of it. Win-win-win.

In other family ministry news, our son, Luke, daughter-in-law, Sarah, and nephew, Nathan, left this morning for two weeks in India with a team from The Village Church. Please pray for safe travels and God’s blessing on their time caring for orphans and ministering to national Christian leaders. Just getting there will require 20+ hours in the air and 6 layovers, for a total of 40+ hours travel time. And I imagine that will only be the beginning of their challenges. They feel privileged to go.

More love darts. More fireworks. More joyful explosions in my heart. I appreciate your prayers for all of them. Also, please continue to pray for Claire and her family. They’re making their way through a difficult valley, and it’s an honor to walk alongside. You can follow their story here.

Thanks. (And I do mean the really, really ridiculously good kind.)



6 responses

15 07 2010

Oh my goodness, what an amazing ministry (I’m speaking of the Arts Aftercare, although, of course, you know I think the same about Jubilee!). Thanks for sharing.

And what a privilege to be able to take the stage as a family, even if one is a silent member.

15 07 2010

Heather, I could totally see you getting involved with Arts Aftercare! You would have so much to offer.

15 07 2010

Prayers up for your family stepping out for great causes, and Claire’s family struggling inside a whirlwind of challenges.

15 07 2010

Thanks so much, Candace.

21 07 2010
Heather "Ikea's Lil' Sis"

Ok, there are too many Heathers around these here parts!
But yeah, I agree with the other H – that ministry looks awesome. And that pic makes me smile big big biggity big smiles.

21 07 2010

Oh, yes! You and your big biggity smiles should keep Arts Aftercare on your radar. You’d be so perfect for something like that!

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