The heart of gold at the end of the rainbow

22 07 2010

Someday, some lucky literary agent is going to discover this guy, and when that happens, the clouds will part, the sun will splash through, and a color-drenched world will remember why it believes in magic.

With Michael Snyder on a deadline-driven hiatus from The Master’s Artist, I’ve been filling some of his Thursday slots with spotlights on various artists I admire. Today’s post introduces someone who almost sounds too good to be true, but he’s the real deal. Come meet a man with a great sense of humor, a gift for words, a zeal for Christ, and a heart of gold.

In other news, please continue to pray for Claire and her family. She will be going home in a week, which is a very exciting development, but also presents new challenges and decisions. If you don’t already follow their story, I encourage you to start now. A beautiful masterpiece of God’s grace and redemption is unfolding, and you can become a part of it through prayer. How amazing is that?



4 responses

22 07 2010
Duane Scott

Where can we listen to “this guy”. I’m not familiar with who he is.

22 07 2010

Did you follow the link to The Master’s Artist? 🙂

23 07 2010
L.L. Barkat

I love the joy of this photo. And the colors I love the simple, bold colors.

Merci, for stopping by Green Inventions! For the link too (which I still need to watch). 🙂

23 07 2010

Merci, L.L. Et du rien. C’était mon plaisir. (Vous aimerez le vidéo.)

It would do me so much good to play along with the French Fridays thing. My French and poetry muscles could both use the work out. I added Green Inventions to my blog reader, so we’ll see!

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