Bonjour doux

24 07 2010

“The world is not so brazen that she doesn’t still blush at morning’s kiss.”

That was my first conscious thought when I awoke today. Rather poetic, don’t you think? Much more inspiring than my usual, “Where am I?” and “What day is it?” (Even more pathetic, it takes me a few moments to come up with the answers. What can I say? I’m a slow waker upper.)

Awake now and ready to discover the day’s beauties. Wishing you a sun-kissed Saturday and at least one lovely reason to blush.



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24 07 2010

Oh, my goodness. And here I am with an almost-full-moon smiling down, getting ready for bed. I’m looking back to this morning after reading this, wondering what promise today must have held at the very beginning of it. Wow. That just makes me depressed.

25 07 2010

Noooo! Please don’t be depressed. I hope, as the moon inched its way across the sky last night, it couldn’t stop smiling because of all the beautiful dreams that danced in your head. (If it makes you feel any better, I was back to “Where am I?” this morning. But hey! All is not lost. I did come up with the right answer!)

28 07 2010
Billy Coffey

I’m going to try and repeat that tomorrow morning, because what I said when the alarm went off this morning really didn’t help much…

28 07 2010

Ha! I would ask you to share with the class, but maybe it’s best you didn’t.

29 07 2010
Jennifer @ GDWJ

Jeanne — I had to laugh out loud at your “Where am I?”

I had a moment of true panic this weekend at my parents’ cabin when I woke in the darkness, with those words beating in my throat.

29 07 2010

Thanks, Jennifer. If only I were joking. 😉

This happens to me every time I travel and again when I return home. Maybe we’re just really deep sleepers and our brains are taking a much-needed vacation? I’m sure that’s a good thing . . . as long as they keep coming back.

30 07 2010
L.L. Barkat

Jeanne. Sigh. The video link I had from you was of a little girl reading. Then I figured that it must have been Cheryl who sent the other. Was it you? I tried to check back through both Twitter and Blogger before posting, but I couldn’t find out the (good) culprit.

30 07 2010

Here’s the solution to the puzzle: I posted the link to Foux de Fa Fa and the comment about high school French on Glynn’s post about Miss Piggy. 🙂

1 09 2010
deb @ talk at the table

Jeanne ~ I realize that I have your site bookmarked, but not the actual blog… so you never roll up to note new posts. Yikes.
I ‘ve waited a bit to have a stretch of free morning to devote to catching up here.
I’ve missed you.

( and what you said(say) to me. I can’t thank you enough. Honestly, I am as I noted in my new post, an amateur . At everything. No literary background , no consistent church background, not much of anything real really. Except . Well , except what I am. I guess. Thank you for your much respected opinions. I toss this writing thing around and around. I spent inordinate amounts of time this summer reading and thinking and when the school season resumes I might just submit a thing or two to a place or two. Have to sort out the why and where. I wake every day thankful and excited and full of wonder… and maybe sharing a bit of that is okay, no? Again, sorry for the ramble…. I so so appreciate you. hugs and lovin’, deb )

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