Day Two in Seattle: Baby Love

7 08 2010

We enjoyed a leisurely second day in Seattle, including a stroll to Green Lake and a cook-out on the Gypsy Cottage deck with George’s sister Judy, brother Tony, and Tony’s wife, Sharon. Judy, an ergonomics expert, works for Boeing and splits her time between Florida and Seattle. Tony, an electrical engineer, is on a 90-day assignment, also with Boeing. The Northwest is pretty much lousy with Damoffs right now. (In the best way.)

I captured some fun shots of the family picnic, but my camera seems to have a magnetic glitch these days. It can’t pull itself away from one particular subject. As you can see, she bears it patiently.

Such cuddly sweetness. I don’t foresee fixing that camera glitch any time soon. I leave you with a happy Harper moment shared with Uncle Jacob and Grand-père:



6 responses

7 08 2010

Oh, my. what a cutie. Is that red hair I see?

7 08 2010

Thanks! It does look kind of red in these pictures. It’s really light brown (so far), but I wouldn’t be surprised if she has a lot of red highlights.

7 08 2010

We spent five hours babysitting our almost 5-month-old grandson today. Oh, my goodness, it’s so much fun. Kind of like the pictures here.

7 08 2010

Isn’t it the best? Harper is 3 mos old. I can’t get enough of all her facial expressions and sweet little sounds.

9 08 2010
Lisa Shaw

Oh how absolutely breathtakingly BEAUTIFUL and PRECIOUS! May the blessings of the LORD richly be upon this precious bundle of JOY!

9 08 2010

Thank you, Lisa. Amen!

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