Day Seven in the Northwest: Dot Island

14 08 2010

The astute reader will have noticed that I removed the word “Seattle” from today’s title. (Good job, astute reader. Pat yourself on the back. Okay, now pat your head and rub your stomach. Now do the hokey pokey. Are you video taping this? I sure hope so.) “Seattle” is missing, because we spent Wednesday through Friday in Bellingham, where Curtis’ parents live. Curtis’ dad, Ed, owns a Boston Whaler, a sturdy speed boat that zipped us to Chuckanut Bay on Wednesday to visit Dot Island, a small uninhabited bird sanctuary. What’s so special about Dot Island, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you, you astute little cutie. In March of 2007, Curtis proposed to Grace on one of its beaches. (You can read that romantic story here.) This was their first visit back since that day. Wow. What a beautiful place! Here’s a smattering of the almost-500 photos I took.

On the boat getting ready to go.

“Engagement Beach” as seen while circling the island in the boat.

Another view of the island from the boat.

Ed’s boat and Dot Island. George, Curtis, Grace and I took a small dingy to the island.

Grace and George (and my foot) in the dingy.

Madrona trees.

Grace, me, and George on the island with our dingy in the background.

Colorful rocks

Colorful starfish

Re-enacting the proposal.

It’s probably a good thing George wasn’t standing there the first time around.

Curtis’ “calendar” photo shoot. 🙂

Coming in for a landing.

Water music.

Happy Boating Sparrow

Emzee loves the Sparrow

Jacob loves his sister.

I didn’t have wireless while we were in Bellingham, so I’m a few days behind chronicling our adventures. Up next, Day Eight: Sucia and San Juan. Stay tuned for another sunny day on the islands!



2 responses

26 08 2010
David Spradley

After seeing your comments on my sister’s blog about the plethora of pinatas, I thought I would share the first thought i had when I saw the photo of the island with the dingy in the background (#172).
Look out, there’s a petrified panther preparing to pounce!

I’ve enjoyed looking at the photos of the multi-talented Sparrow. Seattle is on my list of places to visit.


P.S. – Did I get any points?

26 08 2010

Ha! Yes indeed. 50 points for you, David. 🙂 I had to look at the photo again to fully appreciate your comment. Someone looking at my facebook album saw a different shot of the same rock formation and commented that it looked like a lion roaring. I honestly didn’t see the resemblance before it was pointed out, but now I see it every time.

Amazing how calm, cool, and collected we look in the face of petrified danger! 😉

Thanks for your comment. Enjoy the points!

Your comments are a gift. Please know I read each one with gratitude.

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