Day Eight in the Northwest: Sucia and San Juan

15 08 2010

Thursday we continued our island hopping adventures. First stop: Sucia, a destination island for boating and camping enthusiasts from all over the world.

Bellingham Marina in the morning sunlight.

Grace, Harper Sparrow, and Curtis, on board and ready to go.

Curtis and George reviewing the boating charts for the San Juan islands.

Barnacles on a pier piling at the Sucia landing.

Driftwood on the beach.

Grace and the Island Sparrow.

Beauty . . .

as far . . .

as the eye . . .

can see.

Shady trails

Towering trees

Hiking Sparrow

Sweet Sparrow feet

Mt. Baker

Creation . . .

declares . . .

the glory . . .

of its Creator.

Friday Harbor on San Juan Island

Loved this little golden boat.

Quaint downtown

Curtis and Grace headed back to the boat.

The sun setting as we neared Bellingham Marina

George and the Sleepy Sparrow



End of a gorgeous day.

I’m posting this from the Seattle airport as we await our flight back to Texas. It’s hard to leave the lush and lovely (and COOL) northwest with all its various Sparrows, but — wow — what a great time this has been! Still to come, days nine and ten, including shots of kids having fun at a water park, a stroll through Capitol Hill, and views from the 17th floor of a downtown Seattle building.

Until then.



7 responses

15 08 2010
Patricia (Pollywog Creek)

So beautiful. Every time I scroll through these stunning photos I choose a different favorite. XOX

16 08 2010

Thanks, Patricia. Me, too!

16 08 2010
Duane Scott

I am so jealous. That’s all I can say.

16 08 2010

Thanks, Duane. Also, jealousy is a sin. You should repent.

16 08 2010

….and so we ask ourselves this every time we come back… WHY do we live in Texas????

16 08 2010


1 09 2010
deb @ talk at the table

oh . my.

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