Day Nine in Seattle: Capitol Hill

16 08 2010

We stayed in Bellingham Friday morning, because Curtis’ parents were watching his brother’s children, and Curtis wanted to spend some time with them before we left.

It was another beautiful day. Perfect for lounging in the sun.

At least, the Sunbathing Sparrow thought so.

We took the kids to a park.

This is Nash.

This is Hagen.

This is a little girl I don’t know, but she reminded me of Grace as a toddler. Same long hair, same adorable baby legs, and the same patient reserve. She stood on the edge of the water park for a long time watching the other children before she ventured in — content to join the fun on her own terms. Brought back lots of fond memories.

Hagen, on the other hand, plunged right in. He’s a lot like Curtis was as a child. It will be interesting to see if the Sparrow is more introverted like her mommy or extroverted like her dad.

Shortly after we arrived back in Seattle, George and Curtis left to attend a Discovery Institute event, leaving me, Jacob, Grace, and the baby to find our own adventures. We started with a simple evening meal consisting of crackers and goat cheese, fresh peaches from Pike Place Market, and fresh green beans from the Gypsy Cottage garden. It was light and delicious and left plenty of room for . . .

Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream!

This time we visited the Capitol Hill boutique.

The “always” flavors. I had Vivace Coffee with hot fudge sauce. MMMmmmmMMMmmm.

After we finished our frozen treats, we strolled around the neighborhood.

I call this piece “Dog in a Fountain.” (I like to go for the obscure.)

Ads plastered all over a post — a common sight around the city, especially in the artsier neighborhoods.

Fire escape. (I love photographing architectural elements, if you haven’t noticed.)


Jimi Hendrix, Jacob, and the Hip City Sparrow. This picture makes me all kinds of happy.

City spire.

And more architecture.

City spire again, up close and personal.

Beautiful, historic old home that is now apartments.

I love old buildings for their artistry, and I love them for their secrets. Promises whispered, sick children comforted, hearts broken, friendships restored. Laughter, tears, loyalty, betrayal. Life. Death.

I hope all the places I live remember me fondly. Don’t you?



8 responses

16 08 2010
Heather "Ikea's Lil' Sis"

I want a scoop of salted caramel and a scoop of balsamic strawberry. not necessarily in that order and not necessarily at the same time. but want i do.

16 08 2010

That’s funny, because Grace had those exact two flavors. She didn’t want two whole scoops (it’s very rich), but they’ll let you have half a scoop of each to make a single.

All the more reason we need to hang out. Tomorrow. In Seattle.


17 08 2010
Patricia (Pollywog Creek)

So much goodness in these photos, Jeanne.

20 08 2010

Thanks, Patricia! xo

23 08 2010
L.L. Barkat

oh my goodness… THE MOST SNUGGLABLE BABY! 🙂 I want to scoop that baby right up 🙂

23 08 2010

Thanks, L.L. Me, too!

26 08 2010

What a great eye you have! Your photos capture my imagination and you final words have me pondering the secrets that my city holds in it’s lap as it rocks ancient structures.

1 09 2010
deb @ talk at the table

You make me all kinds of happy here today,
a little lull in things family , photo, and writing,
and this is just all so glorious. Thanks for the inspiration.

for how you see.

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