You’ll never guess where I went

28 09 2010

Pop quiz. Jeanne hasn’t blogged recently because she decided to take a last-minute, week-long trip to:

a.) Wal-Mart (my husband can afford it)
b.) Gatorland, the Alligator Capitol of the World
c.) Seattle

Okay. Too easy. Obviously I couldn’t resist a chance to stock up on these GREAT souvenirs.

Here’s the problem. I talk to Grace on a regular basis, and she tells me that Harper is laughing, or has discovered her feet, or is performing other remarkable feats of charm and genius, and I have no choice but to observe these claims firsthand and document them digitally for posterity. I’m selfless that way.

So I went. And it was wonderful. Even better than Gatorland, if you can imagine that.

The second to last day we dressed Harper in a little dress and bonnet that Grace wore as a baby, then sat her on the couch and I clicked away. Here are a few of the faces of Harper Sparrow:

She wasn’t too sure about this froo froo bonnet business, but I thought she looked like a living baby doll.

Smiling at her mommy.

Grace says that this is the photo she’ll submit when Harper’s high school yearbook requests a baby pic. I’m gratified to know that my daughter will be as sensitive and thoughtful a mother as I’ve always been.

Ladylike and demur. Like her Emzee.

Playful. Like her Emzee.

Drunk. Like her . . . never mind.

It’s so much fun to watch Harper grow and see her personality blossom. I can’t wait to take her on adventures to wild and exotic places. Like Gatorland. And Wal-Mart. I guarantee you there won’t be another baby on the block with a more impressive souvenir shot glass collection.

You can see lots more photos from my trip here. Now I’m home, which hopefully means I’ll pick up the blogging pace again. Thanks to those of you who notice and speak up when I’m missing in action. It really does mean a lot to me.

Coming soon: photos and stories from Miles 4 Madie, a fundraiser for Madie Skinner. (Please continue to pray for her and for Claire. Thanks!)



7 responses

28 09 2010

Oh, my word! What a beautiful baby! And Harper might just be the coolest name EVER. How could you possibly hope to get those kind of quaility shots at Gatorland? Or Walmart for that matter?

28 09 2010
Patricia (Pollywog Creek)

Hey, now, Miss Jeanne…you’re stompin’ on my gator territory here! =)

Harper is adorable. Absolutely adorable, and I’d have to get the box of baby clothes out, but I’m 99% sure that my Emily had a dress and bonnet exactly like that.

I was just thinking today that I’ve missed seeing a post from you.

28 09 2010
Joyce Saylor

She is as beautiful as her name. Love the new pics – she looks like the Madame Alexander dolls. Those eyes!!

28 09 2010

Curtis is so happy about this. Harper is doomed to be a bonnet-wearing 13-year-old.

29 09 2010
S. Etole

what a personality … {Glynn sent me here}

5 10 2010
deb @ talk at the table

screeches of baby love!!

and I was missing you .

8 10 2010
Duane Scott

Cute kid. 🙂 And that’s coming from me. I’m not much of a baby person, but this one… I’d take.

Wait. That sounded incredibly creepy.

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