Help Artists Help Rescued Victims of Human Trafficking! Please vote.

12 11 2010

This is cool! Radium3 is hosting a contest with an awesome give away. What is the gift? Custom Website Design + Free CMS Hosting on Radium3. And who is eligible? Any registered non-profit organization in the United States. Nominations were open October 11-29, and on November 10, they selected seven finalists. I’m delighted to tell you that Arts Aftercare has been chosen as one of them! Now it’s time to vote, and that’s where you come in. But first you’d probably like to know what you’re voting for.

I’ve mentioned Arts Aftercare before, but in case you missed it, here’s a description taken from their current website:

“Arts Aftercare was founded after musicians Curtis and Grace Romjue heard the story of Natasha (not her real name). Natasha was a young girl in recovery from having been forced to work as a prostitute. She was placed in an aftercare center where she refused to talk for months on end. One day, Natasha was introduced to the piano by a visitor to the center. Within a short period, Natasha was expressing her pain through music and began to connect with others. Soon she began talking and sharing her story. Music was the key to Natasha’s freedom from her past.

Arts Aftercare exists to help artists of all kinds engage with the issue of human trafficking on a personal level and to assist aftercare centers in the development/staffing of art therapy programs by becoming a bridge between the world of artists and the world of human trafficking aftercare.”

Arts Aftercare already provides Seattle area artists with opportunities to share art and teach artistic skills to local homeless youth. Research is currently underway to develop the global outreach. By the end of 2011, Arts Aftercare expects to have partnered with international aftercare centers for survivors of human trafficking. When these partnerships have been established and guidelines set, artists (musicians, painters, photographers, dancers, poets, etc.) will be invited to apply to participate. Upon acceptance, artists will complete an educational curriculum on modern day slavery, child therapy, and cultural awareness. After training, program participants will accompany Arts Aftercare staff on one-to-two week trips to aftercare center partner locations. During these trips, the artists will engage in their particular discipline with youth, donate supplies/equipment, and share life stories. Artists will return home equipped to spread the story of modern day slavery through their art, lives, and public performances.

So, why does Arts Aftercare need a new, professionally designed website? Co-founder Brian Howe said, “We’re incredibly excited to be considered as a finalist for this! Arts Aftercare is completely volunteer led, and a better website would help us tell the story of our amazing volunteers, the work they do, and the lives [that] will be transformed through it.”

Want to help artists help rescued slaves? It only takes a few seconds. Go here, fill out the brief form at the bottom of the page, and cast your vote for Arts Aftercare!

Also, if you’re an artist of any kind and think you might like to one day participate in this amazing opportunity, visit Arts Aftercare’s contact page to sign up for news and updates. You could be a powerful instrument to change many lives.

Including your own.



2 responses

13 11 2010
Wendy Sale

The arts are an awesome way to reconnect victims of human trafficking to something beatiful and inspirational. Arts allows them to express themselves without being judged or trying to find “just” the right way to say things. Victims require a holistic approach to recovery and the arts are a great way to help them begin, continue, or complete their healing process. Thanks to Arts Aftercare for seeing the power of healing in the arts.

13 11 2010

Hey, Wendy! Thanks. So great to hear from you. I know you have a heart for this issue. Keep an eye on Arts Aftercare. God is already working in beautiful ways to open doors for this ministry!

Love to you and your precious family,

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