Worship with fries on the side

3 12 2010

I wrote about my love for Flash Mobs recently in a post about Community Art on The Master’s Artist. For one thing, I love the way they seem to erupt out of nothing. The more complicated the production, the more impressed I am when the participants pull it off. At least, that’s been my experience until now.

Sometimes simple can be powerful. Watch this:

This should be a picture of the church in the world, loving her Lord boldly, hilariously, and in perfect harmony. Let’s live out loud, shall we?



7 responses

3 12 2010
deb@talk at the table

I think I recognize this as the one near me in Cambridge or Waterloo..
will have to watch again of course. Makes me almost want to spend more time in the malls just in case.

4 12 2010

I think this mall is in Florida. (I suppose food courts are pretty homogeneous.) I avoid these sorts of places, too, but I’d LOVE to happen on a scene like this. And, if you were there as well, now that would be perfect.

4 12 2010
Patricia (Pollywog Creek)

Can’t watch this enough, Jeanne. I sob through it every time….and if I wasn’t so lame at the moment, I’d be dancing for joy! Love, love, love it!!!!! Love you, too. I’ve missed you. I think life has just been beyond busy for all of us lately. Your little Sparrow is absolutely darling. Our first granddaughter is due on the 27th and your photos increase my excitement for all things soft and pink. I hope you are doing well and that your weekend is filled with love and goodness and all things wonderful. Love, Patricia

4 12 2010

Thanks for missing me, Patricia. We had such an amazing and beautiful Thanksgiving. Such joy! How fun that you’re expecting a Christmas granddaughter. I pray all goes well. Pink will be a wonderful color for you! 🙂

Love, Jeanne

5 12 2010
Patricia (Pollywog Creek)

Yes, our little Christmas granddaughter will join her 4yo Christmas brother (19th). Nick said they need to plan better next time…as though they had anything to do with the planning to begin with. And, as I think about it, I really do have other “granddaughters.” Shame on me! We raised our nephew from the time he was 8, and he and his lovely wife have two teenage daughters that call me “mema”…the oldest was born on Dec. 26th. Our Christmases are just overflowing with baby joy. XOX

4 12 2010

This made me smile from deep inside. I’ve seen the Macy’s one, but this one seems more…real? Joy, joy, joy! A happy season to you.

4 12 2010

Thanks, Laura! I think you may have been here while I was catching up on your blog. That almost feels like a face-to-face visit. Lovely thought!

Wishing you a beautiful advent season and a glorious Christmas.

Love, Jeanne

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