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16 12 2010

Fun news! Remember when I asked you to vote for Arts Aftercare to win a free website-design package? Radium3 announced the winners of their giveaway on their blog, and ARTS AFTERCARE WON! Huge thanks to everyone who voted. Let me take this opportunity to again encourage artists of any type — writers, musicians, dancers, painters, photographers, etc. — to consider the possibility of joining forces with Arts Aftercare to serve victims who’ve been rescued from modern day slavery. Their heartbeat is to become a bridge between the world of artists and the world of human trafficking aftercare. You can read all about the non-profit organization and their vision for the future by visiting their current website. You can also sign up to receive email updates as the program develops.

Thanks again for voting!

Love, Jeanne



2 responses

22 12 2010

And, Jeanne? Isn’t your family beautiful? Received your card in the snail yesterday and was thrilled. You must be uber-organized, lady! I can’t seem to get mine out on time. Last year it was New Year’s cards. I think I may have started a new tradition :).

22 12 2010
Jeanne Damoff

Ah, no worries. We have a friend who always sends one, but sends it whenever she’s ready. Some years it’s a Valentine’s card. Some years Fourth of July. I don’t think she’s ever gotten so behind that it became a Last-Year’s-Christmas-This-Christmas Card, but she probably wouldn’t feel any shame. I say make traditions that work for you! 🙂

Have a beautiful Christmas, Laura.
Love, Jeanne

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